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archive: India Today poll gives big victory for BJP, allies

India Today poll gives big victory for BJP, allies

The Times of India News Service
Times of India
August 14, 1999

    Title: India Today poll gives big victory for BJP, allies
    Author: The Times of India News Service
    Publication: Times of India
    Date: August 14, 1999
    NEW DELHI: An opinion poll conducted by India
    Today-Insight has come to more or less the same
    conclusion as The Times of India poll.
    The India Today poll gives the BJP and its allies
    322 to 336 seats in the coming elections. This is
    a big increase over the tally of 220-232 seats
    which a similar poll commissioned by the magazine
    in May gave to the ruling coalition.
    The Congress and its allies come a poor second
    with 132-146 seats, suffering a big drop from the
    191-203 seats they got in the May poll but coming
    pretty close to the 147 seats they actually won
    in the February 1998 election.
    The BJP and its allies are expected to get as
    high as 41 per cent of the total votes, gaining
    four per cent over the 37.1 per cent they got in
    the February 1998 elections which brought them to
    According to the poll, the Congress will get 28.7
    per cent of the votes, gaining a marginal 1.7 per
    cent over the votes it actually polled in
    February 1998.
    The poll also indicates that the gains of the BJP
    and its allies will largely be at the cost of not
    the Congress but other opposition parties, whose
    tally will drop to 70-80 seats from the 143 they
    won in February 1998. In terms of share in the
    total votes polled, these parties, at 30.2 per
    cent, will draw in 5.7 per cent less than they
    did in February 1998.

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