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Terror web

Arup Chanda
July 26, 1999

    Title: Terror web
    Author: Arup Chanda
    Publication: Mid-Day
    Date: July 26, 1999
    The arrest of the imam of a mosque at Rishra, Hooghly district, has
    revealed the extent of the operations of Pakistan's Inter-Services
    Intelligence (ISI) in the country's eastern and north-eastern region.
    On Wednesday, five youths from Manipur who had come in search of Imam
    Zakir Hussain Noori, were picked up by the police.  During
    interrogation by intelligence sleuths, it was found that Noori had
    links with insurgent outfits of the north-east and acted as a liaison
    between the ISI and those organisations.
    According to an intelligence official, the Bangladesh deputy high
    commission office in Calcutta first came to know that Noori was
    providing shelter to Mosleuddin, the main assassin of former
    Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
    Personnel from the high commission had visited Rishra and inquired
    about Mosleuddin and Noori.   The duo got whiff of it and fled.
    However, the police traced Noori and nabbed him.
    Subsequent investigation into Noori's past revealed that he used to
    receive letters written in English, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic and Bengali.
    The official said Noori frequently visited mosques in the north-east
    and maintained links with the insurgent groups of the region.  During
    interrogation he gave contradictory statements and could not
    substantiate how he maintained a luxurious lifestyle since he did not
    have any ostensible sources of income.
    Intelligence sleuths believe that Noori's job brief was to coordinate
    and provide shelter to ISI agents operating in the region.  His arrest
    is expected to lead to the arrest of other ISI agents operating in the

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