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archive: Wadhwa report rules out any involvement of Hindu outfits

Wadhwa report rules out any involvement of Hindu outfits

The Times of India
August 6, 1999

    Title: Wadhwa report rules out any involvement of Hindu outfits
    Author: PTI
    Publication: The Times of India
    Date: August 6, 1999
    The Wadhwa Commission, which probed the gruesome murder of an
    Australian missionary Graham Steins and his two sons in Orissa in
    January, is understood to have ruled out the involvement of any Hindu
    outfit in the crime.
    The commission's 300-page re-port was made public on Thursday after
    the Union cabinet decided to table the findings which were later
    placed in Parliament House library.
    The commission, headed by Justice D.P. Wadhwa of the supreme court,
    said in its report that the killings were an act of an individual who
    had no affiliation with any organisation, highly placed sources said.
    The findings assume significance in the context of allegations by
    opposition parties and Christian institutions that pro-BJP outfits
    like the Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad were behind the
    The single-judge also described the killings as a "gruesome murder"
    and an act of "hatred" by Dara Singh, an individual, who was supported
    by some "disgruntled" elements, the sources said.
    The commission held that Steins was a preacher who did not indulge in
    conversions and was doing a "good job".  But he did not realise that
    there was an undercurrent against him, the sources said.
    After the cabinet meeting, Union home minister L.K. Advani spoke to
    Lok Sabha secretary general G.C. Malhotra and conveyed the
    government's keenness to table the report in the library as Parliament
    was not in session.  Mr Malhotra. according to sources, contacted
    speaker G.M.C. Balayogi and got his approval for the government's
    The killings, which caused national and international outrage, also
    cost Orissa chief minister J.B. Patnaik his job as he had to resign
    from the post.
    The report of the commission was submitted to the government on June

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