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Ex-boy friend lands in jail for kidnapping Indian girl
Ex-boy friend lands in jail for kidnapping Indian girl

February 11, 2000

Title: Ex-boy friend lands in jail for kidnapping Indian girl
Author: A Correspondent
Date: Houston - INDIA HERALD
Date: February 11, 2000

Twenty-year-old Ikram Mohammed Imaduddin, a Fort Bend County resident, accused of kidnapping 19-year-old Shalu Aggarwal, a North Harris County resident, is in Harris County jail.

Imaduddin was produced before Judge Ted Poe at the 228th district criminal court who set the bond at $150,000. On Tuesday, Feb. 8, Imaduddin was still in custody.

Imaduddin, said to be an ex-boyfriend of Shalu Aggarwal, entered her home by breaking a window on Jan. 30. He used a stun gun to threaten the mother and the daughter, a Harris County Sheriff's Department spokesman said.

Imaduddin also cut the telephone line. During the scuffle, the mother broke her leg. He zapped the girl with a stun gun and drove away with her, the official said.

Two days later, Imaduddin took Shalu Aggarwal out. He went to a Super K-Mart on Westheimer, leaving her behind in the car, sheriff's detectives said.

Shalu Aggarwal was not friendly with Imaduddin and she sought help from the customer service booth at K-Mart. The security called the police and Aggarwal was rescued. Sensing trouble, Imaduddin fled the scene, sheriff's detectives said.

Charges of kidnapping and burglary were filed against Imaduddin, whose parents live near Bissonnet and Highway 6 in Southwest Houston, in Fort Bend County.

On Feb. 3, Imaduddin turned himself in at the sheriff's department.

The case is under investigation by the sheriff's homicide division. Imamuddin is due to appear before Judge Poe on Feb. 14.

Shalu Aggarwal lives with her mother, who is single.

Indian community leaders, disturbed by the criminal act went to the rescue of the mother and met with the sheriff's department officials inquiring about future protection for the family.

Devika Patel, speaking on behalf of the Hindus of Greater Houston, says there is a growing concern about the reports of several local teenage Hindu girls who have left their families. Some of these girls are the daughters of single mothers who have had to cope with multiple responsibilities. In these cases the families also may not have had strong support systems as the extended family systems in India have traditionally provided.

"We urge the entire Hindu community to consider what can be done to provide the social support that will help teenage girls, especially in single-parent families, to understand the consequences of dating and/or marrying young men who are not respectful of their religious and cultural traditions.

"We also urge the community to reconsider what may be the communities' responsibility in providing the support needed by such families which may be at risk for the breakup of the nuclear family due in part to lack of an effective extended family system," Patel says.

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