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ISI agents plan to strike in saffron costumes
ISI agents plan to strike in saffron costumes

Preetam Srivastava
The Pioneer
February 22, 2000

Title: ISI agents plan to strike in saffron costumes
Author: Preetam Srivastava
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: February 22, 2000

Taking the privilege enjoyed by sadhus and men-in-saffron in the Bharatiya Janata Party regime, the Pakistani ISI agents have included saffron colour dresses and sadhus make-ups in their costumes to hide their identifies.

According to intelligence agencies, the-ISI has planned a new disruptive operation to create unrest in the State. Interestingly, the new ISI operation is named as "Krishna India".

The intelligence department has warned the State Government of terrorist activities by Osama bin Laden, the Saudi terrorist currently based in Afghanistan whose aides are suppose to help Pak militants In hijacking Indian Airlines plane recently.

Sources said that the Home Department after being warned by the intelligence agencies, and also taking into account series of bomb explosions and other terrorists activities, had sent a secret fax message to the State Government earlier this month alerting them of the destructive activities planned by the Pakistani intelligence agency.

The Fax mentioned that the ISI was sending dozens of militants in UP and its neighbouring States Rajasthan and Bihar under Its new operation Krishna India.

The fax further says that under operation Krishna India, Pak militants sent by ISI will move in different cities, specially at religious places, either in saffron colour dresses and sadhus make-ups and will plant explosive materials in buses and trains and crowded public places.

To cheek any untoward incident, the fax instructed the State Government to alert the civil force and Government Railway Police to deploy their sleuths in plain clothes and keep a close eye on suspicious men in sadhus makeup.

In a separate fax, the Home Department had had asked the State Government to instruct police personnel to set-up anti-hijacking and anti-sabotage squads and put the sleuths in civil dresses at airports so that any disruptive activity can be prevented.

The fax said that intelligence reports confirmed that the terrorist group led by Osama bin Laden has sent a group of militants to attack Israeli targets in India like embassies, consulates, diplomats residences and airlines.

The fax has also asked the State Government to gear up the surveillance measures to prelude any possibility of attacks on Israeli targets specially at airports in India.

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