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Three Muslims embrace Hinduism

Three Muslims embrace Hinduism

The Deccan Chronicle
April 7, 2000
Title: Three Muslims embrace Hinduism
Publication: The Deccan Chronicle
Date: April 7, 2000

Tiruvanantapuram - Amid tight security and chanting of mantras, young Muslim scholar Hassan Palakkode and two others, including a woman, on Thursday embraced Hinduism at a ceremony held here according to vedic rites. After the "ganapathi homam" and purification ceremony, the trio, Hassan Palakkode, Akbar and Jama, were formally converted to Hinduism and adopted new names Kamala Hassan, Raju and Uma respectively.

The ceremony, organised by the State unit of the Shiv Sena which, was held under the leadership of Acharya Yogananda Swami and was attended by sanyasis from several ashrams besides local people from the district.

A large posse of policemen stood guard outside the venue, near the famous Sree Padmanabha Swami temple, as Hassan, who completed a course to be eligible to become a Maulavi, had attracted the wrath of Muslim fundamentalists for writing "secular" articles and questioning polygamy.

He is reportedly facing threats to his life after he announced his decision to embrace Hinduism. While the woman, Jama, is a Christian married to a Hindu, Akbar is Hindu-converted Muslim.

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