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Hyderabad jeweller killed by fundamentalists

Hyderabad jeweller killed by fundamentalists

The Times of India News Service
The Times of India
April 9, 2000
Title: Hyderabad jeweller killed by fundamentalists
Author: The Times of India News Service
Publication: The Sunday Times of India
Date: April 9, 2000

No arrests had been made till Saturday in the case of jeweller Mahaveer Prasad Modi's murder on Thursday night. Mr Modi was shot at point blank range in his shop in the crowded Siddiambazar area here.

Police believe that Islamic fundamentalists carried out the killing as part of a jehad ('holy war').

Mr Modi was killed about four hours after Azam Ghori of the Indian Muslim Mujahideen was shot dead by the police in Jagtial of Karimnagar district. Police commissioner S.R. Sukumara told the Times of India News Service that though it was unlikely that Mr Modi's killing was in retaliation, it was possible that Ghori's mujahideen had planned and carried out the killing. A low-intensity improvised explosive device (IED) was planed outside the shop to go off about 20 minutes later, but it failed to explode.

Similar bombs were used in explosions in cinema theatres in Nanded, Maharashtra, and in Metpally, Karimnagar district. The bombs were an indication that fundamentalists were involved, the police said.

The jeweller was believed to be a sympathiser of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, and apparently paid with his life for ordering frisking of some three women customers after suspecting them of shoplifting.

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