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Islamic varsity opposes Laksmi on Dena Bank

Islamic varsity opposes Laksmi on Dena Bank

Publication: Deccan Chronicle
Date: June 8, 2000

Valsad, June 7: The World Islamic University, based at Dambvel on Navsari-Surat Road, has threatened that it would close its account with the Dena Bank, a Government of India undertaking, if the bank did not do away with its logo of goddess Laxmi.

Earlier for some months, buckling under pressure of the university, which has deposits worth lakhs of rupees with the bank, the Dena Bank authorities allegedly had got the logo of goddess Laxmi covered to appease the university higher-ups, one of its major clients, official sources said here on Wednesday. A large number of Muslims students from all over the world come to get trained in Islamic theology at the university.However, during the recent visit of State Home Minister Haren Pandya to South Gujarat, the issue was raised at a press conference.

The instruction of Pandya to Navsari district superintendent to restore the logo of goddess Laxmi at Dena Bank's Dambvel branch was implemented by the latter, causing a furore in the university set-up.

Subsequently, the higher-ups at the World Islamic University threatened that if the nationalised Dena Bank persisted with the logo, then it would be compelled to close its account, sources added.

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