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Remnants of 4,000 yr old civilisation discovered

Remnants of 4,000 yr old civilisation discovered

Author: Sanjeev Majupuria
Publicaiton: The Pioneer
Date: June 21, 2000

Archaeological experts of Madhya Pradesh Government have discovered existence of a 4,000 year old civilisation 60 kilometres from Bhopal in Gangakheri village of Berasia block.

The civilisation which dates back to the Chalcolithic period is contemporary of civilisations that were found in Peetnagar (Khargone) and Sawanpur (Sehore).

This was disclosed to The Pioneer by D K Mathur, Archaeological Officer with the Madhya Pradesh Government, the archaeological excavations that began in Gangakheri near Bah river in May this year have led to discovery of many antiquities said D K Mathur.

Ladies in those times used to do makeup. This was inferred following recovery of bone point and antimony that are meant to do make up in eyes said Mr Mathur.

Replying to a question he said precious and semi-precious beads in large number were also recovered at the excavation site in Gangakheri.

Interestingly the experts found that women used to love wearing ornaments not only of beads but also of attractive stones. There in Gangakheri rare stones of low density and opaque form were found. They are circular as well spherical in shape.

Humanbeings living near Bhopal 4,000 years were vegetarians and non-vegetarians. This Mr Mathur said was amply clear from recovery of sharp edged, blades of metamorphic rocks. This is for the first time that such a finding has been made by any archaeologist in close vicinity of the capital city of Bhopal.

Recovery of polished earthen pots and terracotta bulls has thrown light on cultural activities prevalent In the area at that time.

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