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Where are 2 cr missing Bangladeshis?

Where are 2 cr missing Bangladeshis?

Publication: The Hindustan Times
Date: June 13, 2000

DHAKA'S INSISTENCE that there are no Bangladeshis in India has been repudiated by Assam's anti-alien police force.  They cite the last Bangladesh census, which recorded a drastic drop in its population, in their defence.  According to senior Assam Police (Border) officials, the last official Bangladesh population figure was two crore less than the previous one.  During the corresponding period, India recorded a 23.53 per cent jump in the number of Bangladeshis living illegally in the country.

Assam, with an average of over 55 per cent, had the bulk of these Bangladeshis, some districts recording as high as 108 per cent.  "In a country like Bangladesh where birth control is taboo, a drop in population is not possible unless the people cross over into India, particularly Assam, Tripura and West Bengal," the official said.  "Dhaka has no intention of taking back its people, so it is refusing to acknowledge the presence of Bangladeshis in India." Official records in Assam say that "missing Bangladeshis" have been haunting

Indian security forces since 1952.  Most of these people, detected and deported, reenter India via less rigidly guarded border corridors in Tripura and West Bengal.  The number of such missing aliens has been put at around 71,000.  However, police officials claim to have come up with a better plan to catch and deport these people.  They have decided to target construction workers across the state, mostly Bangladeshis.

In order to verify the citizenship of such labourers, roughly numbering around 1 million, some 3,000 Prevention of Infiltration of Foreigners Personnel under Assam Police (Border) have been pressed into service.

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