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India cannot enter into dialogue with Gen. Musharraf: Panja

India cannot enter into dialogue with Gen.  Musharraf: Panja

Author: PTI
Publication: Indian Express
Date: July 4, 2000

BANGALORE: India cannot enter into a dialogue with Pakistan's military leader general pervez musharraf whose hands are 'blood-stained', union minister of state for external affairs, Ajit Panja, said on Monday.  'How could we shake hands with Musharraf whose hands are blood-stained', Panja responded to reporters when asked to react on the reported offer of talks with India by general Musharraf.

Panja said General Musharraf does not call himself a military dictator or leader but as chief executive.  'I have heard of CEO in a private limited company with shareholders.  But international law does not recognise CEO.  So, whom to talk', he asked.

'And what to talk (with Musharraf)', he further asked.  'His attitude towards indian people.  Whenever I see him on pakistan TV and other TVs, he shows red eyes (towards Indian people).  We are 100 crore (of people)...  We can show him 200 crore red eyes', the minister said.

He said there must be a proper forum and atmosphere (for talks to begin).  'We have to convince the Indian people.  We have to convince the entire parliament where there are so many parties, and (then) talks can take place'.  PTI report.

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