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Publication: The Organiser
Date: July 2, 2000

A few diehard leftists and fellow travellers masquerading as journalists have positioned themselves in important dailies and periodicals and are running a slander campaign against RSS and other Hindu voluntary associations. The vilifying campaign against the RSS being carried out in the columns of a Delhi daily owned by Birlas has crossed all limits. Its pages are now freely available for slandering RSS, its leaders and fraternal organisations on various pretexts. Half facts and even non facts are treated without verification or counter check and statements and news are presented out of context to find fault with the RSS and its leadership. The latest example is a reference to Sarsanghachalak Shri K.S. Sudarshan's statement about the second war of independence quoted out of context. Stories are played up to highlight imagined differences between the RSS and BJP. Most of these ire table write-ups, having less of reporting and more of anti-Hindu, anti-RSS editorialising. We do not know if anti-Hinduism and anti-RSSism is the declared policy of these papers. But today they are being seen as anti-Hindu papers.

The Hindi weekly 'Panchjanya' (June 25, 2000) had done a story on the war of multinationals and underworld's connections with the film world and its communal overtunes. The anti-RSS cliques in The Hindustan Times used the story in a front page write up dragging the Sarsanghachalak and RSS into it whereas the original Hindi story did not even refer to Shri Sudarshan or his statement. More, the write up quoted him out of context. Shri Sudarshan's statement made at the time of his appointment as Sarsanghachalak, was against the neocolonialism of the developed world. Of course, it could be stretched to the role of multi-nationals. But bringing his name into a story about the ad war of multinational soft drink companies and the one among the stars of these ads is not only unjournalistic and unethical but downright mischievous. In a free country press is free to appreciate, criticise or even condemn on merits a report published by another paper. But the write up in the daily does not confine to the original story. It brings the name of Sarsanghachalak into it and does not follow the journalistic principles of facts are sacred but comments is free. It has tried to mix the facts and comments in a manner as to present a pre-conceived, distorted image of RSS and its leadership. The write up militates against both fair reporting and fair comment.

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