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RSS Missive to Vajpayee - Christian propaganda

RSS Missive to Vajpayee - Christian propaganda

Author: News(PTI)
Publication: Free Press Journal, Mumbai
Date: July 24, 2000

NEW DELHI: In a counter-offensive, an RSS outfit on Sunday urged Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee to wake up to and curb the "objectionable activities" of certain fundamentalist Christian missionaries in the country including "aggressive harvesting of faith" and "mischievous propaganda" against Hindus and Hindu organisations, reports PTI.

"Prajna Pravah" the intellectual forum of the RSS, in a letter to Vajpayee, said that the "propaganda being systematically planned and executed by the church would lower Bharat's image in more that one way in the eyes of the world".

"The mischievous propaganda, by circulation of lies, misrepresentations and insinuation, to say the least in inflammatory and disturbing, and certainly invites legal and administrative action," Rajendra Chaddha, Joint Co-ordinator of the forum, said in the communication.

The letter assumes significance in the wake of the recent attacks on Christians, over which Sangh Parivar has come in for severe criticism.  RSS, which has denied all charges of involvement in the attacks, had earlier threatened to sue publications carrying "baseless" charges against it.

Quoting extensively from Christian publications to substantiate his charge that they were "heaping abuses on Hindu deities and mocking at the religious symbols and practices of Hindus" Chaddha says, "apart from aggressive harvesting efforts, this literary insinuation against Hindu religion is one of the major causes of communal disturbance in the country.

"I am sure that you will appreciate and be sympathetic with what this anguished social worker feels about the ongoing mischievous propaganda against Hindus and Hindu organisations," Chaddha said in his letter to Vajpayee.

"It is high time that the Government woke up the aggravating problem and did justice to the aggrieved society (majority society) by curing the anti-national and anti-social force," he said.

"Defending the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) against the charge of spreading hate literature against the minorities, the RSS leader says, "VHP booklets and pamphlets increasingly prove how the activities of Christians fundamentalists are aimed at destablilising the Hindu society and the state.

VHP leader Pravinbhai Togadia had last week demanded prosecution of Christian leaders for levelling "baseless allegations" against Sangh Parivar outfits.

Christian leaders had declined to participate in a dialogue with VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders organised by the National Commission for Minorities on July 11 demanding that the ambit of representation of the majority community be widened.  "Prajna Pravah" had in May sent a similar open letter to all members of Parliament "exposing the intentions" of the church and accusing it of making an issue out of non-existing events."

The letter coming in the wake of the formation of Christian MPs forum quoted extensively from "church publications" to prove the RSS charge that missionaries were engaged in mass-scale conversions.

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