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The Hindu Eunuch

The Hindu Eunuch

Author: Varsha Bhosle
Publication: Rediff on Net
Date: July 31, 2000

>From Marathi-speaking secularists, my statement, "Hindu Dharma raahilaach pahije" (Hinduism must stay alive), drew quite some flak.  Over the last month, the reactions to the call for protection of Hinduism from missionary onslaught ranged from the non-offensive -- "I think Hinduism is like an elephant, slow and lumbering, but ultimately shrugs off the monkeys on its back" -- to the extremely provoking: "You cease to defend my 'Hinduism' -- the worldview of the scriptures, the Upanishads, and the epics -- the friendliness and love towards our fellow human beings regardless of their religion...  Let us not 'semitize' our religion and adopt all the faults of those who have wronged us!"

More half-baked drivel, I haven't heard.  No, I retract that.  Such is the loathsome garbage that I continuously get from Hindus who don't know their ascesis from their asses.

Let's take the Bhagvad Gita, the tome from which most Hindus get their ideas about Hinduism.  It is also the book that was most revered by Mahatma Gandhi -- who then taught Hindus that it is wrong to use force even to uphold Dharma; who imposed upon India's political and military leaders the ahimsa of monks; who opposed any use of force by Hindus, even for self-defence; who was even against India's having an army.

This is what Lord Krishna says after Arjun spouts the lengthy claptrap about not being prepared to kill his uncles and teachers and brothers even though they might kill him:

Klaibyam ma sma gamah Parth, naitatvayupapadyate Kshudram hridaydaurbalyam, tyaktvottishtha parantapa

(O son of Parth, do not yield to this impotence, it does not become you Give up such petty emotional weaknesses and rise, O punisher of the enemy)

When I so often say that Hindus have become eunuchs, I merely fall back on this use of klaibyam (impotence).  My Hinduism is not a philosophy evolved by and to sustain the impotent, the weak and the defenceless.  The condition of being a Hindu does not make it incumbent upon one to emit "friendliness and love towards our fellow human beings" regardless of their beliefs and action.  Just as affection and cordiality have to be earned in our personal relationships, so have they to be earned politically and socially.  Texts like the Yog Sutras of Patanjali outline ahimsa as a spiritual principle applied in *individual* sadhana -- it's never a form of resistance employed on a social level.  Absolute non-violence is a dharma only of the sanyasi, he who has renounced the world.

I challenge these dorks who harp upon the supposedly non-violent characteristic of Hinduism -- this 'pop' Hinduism fuelled by distortions deliberately fed by pinkos and secularists -- to cite a single line from any Vedic scripture which directs a society or a polity to offer the other cheek after the first has been resoundingly slapped.  The entire Bhagvad Gita is nothing but Krishna's elaborate argument to make that suddenly non-violent Kshatriya, Arjun, pick up his arms and engage in battle.

In the Mahabharata's Shanti Parva (the sermon given by Bhishma after the end of the war), the Raj Danda (royal punishment) states, "They sink into blinding darkness if the rod of punishment is not employed." The chapter contains the skills of battle, but more significantly, it clarifies that a righteous war -- a dharma yuddha -- is not only the duty of a Kshatriya but the foundation of any healthy society and the basis of spirituality.  Because, without such protection, yogis would have no protection or support.  Today, when Hinduism is targeted by the Semitic religions in the only home it has, its protection must become the dharma of Hindus so that their culture, their traditions -- their very society -- can flourish.  There is nothing wrong or prohibited about punishing those who trample on the Hindu's hospitality and seek to reduce his social and political power.  How the hell does restraining proselytisation "semitize" Hinduism...?

I must make it clear: "Dharma" is a multidimensional concept.  It's all of religion, tradition, duty, practice, custom, equity, justice, impartiality, ethics, character, essence -- and much more.  It is a holistic approach to living, and it's listed as the first of the four Purusharthas, the cardinal principles of life: Dharma (righteousness), Artha (material affluence), Kama (fulfillment of desires) and Moksha (ultimate freedom).  Another focal point of Sanaatan Dharma is Karma -- meaning "action," not "resignation." Karma Yog enjoins a Hindu to do his best regardless of the results; and the law of Karma lays that we create our own being and our surroundings through our own actions.  In a nutshell: Who we are today, reflects what we did yesterday; who we will be tomorrow, reflects what we do today...

What Hindus did or did not do vis-à-vis caste barriers, foreign invasions, secession, the rights of the native, etc, is reflected in the demographic changes, the dissension, the bloodshed and the poverty afflicting India.  One dork wrote, "If we are true Hindus, then we can also drink and hold the poison, like true children of Shiva.  And not get threatened by new schools of thought that are claiming to have discovered 'the truth'." A typical resigned-Karma-Hindu if I ever heard one.  Such will, of course, never even dream of lifting a finger to *act* towards strengthening the base of Hinduism -- but see how quick they are to evoke Shiva in order to advocate resting on one's posterior.  Like, let all the raiders pour in, but Hinduism is so great that it requires no shield.

They just don't get it! This is not some philosophical debate about which religion is supreme in its "truth"! There is a *temporal* war taking place, one between a resourceful, united force seeking to gain new territories, and an ancient, scattered force trying to hold on to its own.  Christianity and Islam have regrouped; their weapons have evolved; their methods have advanced; their aims have shifted.  And, there exists today what never was in Aurangzeb's era -- the pinko and the Nehruvian secularist.  Different folks need different strokes.

What has Hinduism come to? What has this perverted perception of ahimsa brought Hindustan to? When some Hindus try to defend themselves against bloody attacks -- such as during the 1992 Bombay riots -- it is the Hindu who turns against them and supports the assailants.  If Hindus counter non-Hindus, even with just cause -- like demanding an apology from the Pope -- it is Hindus themselves who protest.  But if non-Hindus distress Hindus -- like Baptist Nagman Halam and his NLFT cronies blowing up Hindus, or Hussain painting a nude Saraswati -- other Hindus look upon the attacks calmly, with "tolerance," and hold the "fundamentalist" Hindu responsible for the state of affairs...  Sheesh, such eunuchs.

I've already written about the changes in the population of the NE.  Now I read in The Deccan Chronicle that "widespread total conversions in villages near Nuzvid in Krishna district have revealed that about 1,000 Hindu families at Hujurnagar village were converted to Islam by Deendar Anjuman...  Borvancha was rechristened Hujurnagar by Anjuman activists for 'operational convenience' after they successfully converted the village population of about 5000 to Islam over a period of five years...  According to police sources, the conversions were directly supervised by the sect's Pakistan based leader Zia-ul-Hassan...  The conversions were meticulously planned and carried out by the organisation with apparent support from ISI.  'Most of the converts belong to the vulnerable SC/ST and huge sums of money was used to lure them into the Islamic fold,' an official disclosed.  Apart from monetary considerations, activists of the Pakistan-based Jamiat Hizbul Mujahideen were also actively involved in brainwashing the locals into changing their religion by explaining the 'supremacy' of Islam over all other religions of the world...  Investigating officials also suspect that the ISI had been using hawala mode to transfer money from Pakistan to Krishna district.  The money have been used both for converting villagers and also to carry out subversive activities."

The Pioneer confirmed that "Interrogation of 22 arrested Anjuman functionaries reportedly revealed that the organisation is brainwashing youths against India and training them in arms handling in Huzurnagar...  Anjuman activists, led by one Khalique-uz-Zaman, had established Huzurnagar after converting locals to Islam...  HJ Dora, the DGP of Andhra, has gone on record to say that the Anjuman has a sinister design to unleash mayhem and destabilise India to pave the way for the head of the sect, who is based in Pakistan, to invade India with an army of 'Pathans.' Hasan, during his visit to Hyderabad, given a call for a 'jehad' against India.  The main aim of the Anjuman, police sources claim, is to cut off southern India from the northern parts of the country to help Pakistan in case of war." Great, that's all I needed.

After reading ' Hindu Dharma raahilaach pahije', Sajid Bhombal wrote me a note as condescending as only a self-sure secularist's can be.  In reply, I had said something to the effect that when Islam is targeted by evangelists -- which it never will be -- ask me why I wrote that.  Today, I add a line more: I worry because if these goddamn eunuchs do not rise today, the morrow will only bring baptism or circumcision for my descendants.  And that's no legacy I want to leave them.

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