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Influx of drugs from Pak has increased, says NCB official

Influx of drugs from Pak has increased, says NCB official

Publication: The Times of India
Date: July 29, 2000

The ISI seems to be getting more leeway along the border ever since General Musharraf took over the reigns in Pakistan, going by inferences of the Narcotics Control Bureau in Gujarat.

The theory is supported by a spate of seizures of arms and narcotics in the last one week from Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Deesa. On July 24, 25 crude bombs were found at Vadodara and six policemen were injured as one of the bombs went off while being defused; on the same day 25 Chinese pistols were seized along with 6.30 kg of heroin in Ahmedabad while 10 kg of brown sugar was seized in Deesa the following day.

Barmer and Jodhpur seem to have become the most preferred "landing stations" of narcotics from across the border. According to intelligence reports, at least 100 kgs of brown sugar was "waiting" to be transferred clandestinely at Jodhpur, informed highly-placed sources. Speaking to The Times of India following the Deesa operation on Wednesday, zonal director of the NCB P.S. Tomar said, "Over the past two years, the influx of narcotics from Pakistan has increased compared to the inflow from Nepal and Burma." This indicates that the Musharraf regime might be responsible, he felt.

"Gujarat is no longer preferred as a transaction route due to its high conviction rate compared to Delhi and Chennai," he said. "The traffic has increased along the Pakistan- Rajasthan-Delhi-Chennai-Sri Lanka route from where it is routed to the Western countries," he said, referring to the rise in drug trafficking in Chennai and Delhi.

While NCB officials see no link between the Sarkhej heroin seizure and Tuesday's brown sugar haul, both the consignments originated in Pakistan and were headed for Mumbai. They were off-loaded at Jodhpur or Barmer.

Intelligence officers of the NCB-Upendra Patel and Jitendra Raghuvanshi-who carried out the operation under Mr Tomar's supervision, told reporters that the owner-driver of the truck carrying the narcotics Nawab Khan alias Akbar Khan Muse Khan Mangaliya has confessed procuring the consignment from one Surya of Umarkot in Pakistan. It was to be delivered to one Faroukh.

Nawab and his younger brother Baval (26) were apprehended after Mr Patel and Mr Raghuvanshi kept a watch at Jyot Hotel on the Deesa-Palanpur highway on Tuesday evening.

The brown sugar, neatly packed in cello-taped packets, was hidden in the truck's seat. The packets were stamped with stars and had the marking '007' on them.

Though the NCB had been tipped off that 10 kg of heroin would be coming in, only five one-kg packets were found in the truck. During interrogation, Nawab Khan confessed he had delivered the rest to one Ismailbhai at his house at Gavadi in Deesa. The NCB officials then tracked down Ismail alias Babu Mutlibbhai Shaikh, who runs a transport company, and recovered the rest of the consignment. Nawab Khan has also confessed that the drug had been bought at Rs 1.25 lakh per kg and was to be sold at Rs 2.50 lakh a kg.

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