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Hate Literature

Hate Literature

Author: Rajendra Chadha
Publication: The Organiser
Date: July 30, 2000

Look to yourself before you accuse others. Christian missionaries of late are accusing Hindu social organisations of spreading hatred against religious' minorities. A shrill propaganda by secularists against these Hindu organisations is also on to further confuse the public. They say that VHP and its associates are distributing literature that promotes hatred against the minorities in general and Christians in particular.

But the truth is 'exactly the opposite. VHP has come out with certain booklets and pamphlets, which increasingly prove how the activities of the Christian fundamentalists are aimed at destabilising the Hindu society and also the state. Christian fundamentalists' literature is making rounds in the whole country, heaping abuse on Hindu deities and mocking at the religious symbols and practices of the Hindus. Apart from "aggressive harvesting" efforts this literary insinuation against Hindu religion is one of the major causes of communal disturbance in the country.

Take for instance, a book in Malayalam with a title Haindava Suvishesheekaranam. It interprets the meaning of the sacred Pancakshara mantra Om Namah Shivaya as "Let Evil Befall" (p. 113).

The magazine Indian Messenger (September 1998) calls the great Kumbha Mela, which attracts millions of Hindu devotees, a superstitious deception. "The belief that the mud of sins in human souls can be purified for ultimate liberation through Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati is superstitious. The Kumbha Mela represents this superstitious deception," it says. But strangely in a superstitious tone and words it claims: "Liberation from sins can be attained only by the unpolluted blood of Christ the virtuous." Note not only the superstitions but also the audacity of the suggestion.

Shri Sai Baba, to these Christian fundamentalists, is a satanic spirit and Mata Amritanandamayi a mentally retarded woman. To quote: "The miracles said to have been performed by Sai Baba is mere magic. Satanic spirit dwells in him. Mata Amritanandamayi is a mentally retarded woman. She is half mad and what she does is stupidity".

Again, the Haindava Suvishesheekaranam says: "No Hindu gods and goddesses exists who have not surrendered to Christ. If Krishna, Rama and Indra surrendered before Christ, what other evidence is necessary to prove that he is the only true God" (p. 181-182).

This Christian fundamentalist propaganda literature often describes Bharat as a "State of Devil". Dr K.P. Yohannan in his book Anant Prakash mein Jeevan Vyatheeth Karain writes: "Every time a Hindu is baptized and converted to Christianity, there is a great disturbance in the State of Devil" (p. 114). Hindu religious and community leaders have been termed as "devils" and "satanic" powers by the same author.

Dr. Yohannan's is not the solitary instance. In fact, he is one of the many who project such views. Another statement in a book named Samvaad: Kyon and Kaisai (Masibi Drishtikon Se) by Dr Benzami Khan are equally inciting: "Moral values play a negligible role in Hindu religion" (p. 98).

If these literatures are to be believed, then all the good things and positive aspects of Hinduism have come from Christianity because it is deeply influenced by the preaching of Christ-be it the Bhakti movement or the stories of Krishna or even that of Shiva! They claim abrasively that the stories of Krishna have been taken from the story of Christ with minor changes! "In fact Christ became Krishna in India," says the book of Dr Benzamin (p. 71)

Common Hindu traditions are always ridiculed. For example application of bindi, tilak sindoor are jeered at as devil eye and related to satanic spirits. "Even though tilak is considered a symbol of Shiva by the Hindus, the use of these symbols is dangerous and gives them an opportunity to come under the influence of satanic spirit. Thus girls beware," says the book published by Masihi Sahitya Sanstha (see Hindi translation of. Sex, Love and Marriage by Zac. Poonen, p. 102).

For obvious reasons, the missionaries have always been trying to mislead people on the census data. But certain reports, which they do for their internal consumption, are highly revealing and equally disturbing. For example the Church Growth Centre reports that by the end of the 20th century the Christian population will increase 13 times as compared to that at the beginning of the century. It further clarifies that the increase of the non-Christian population would be only 4.6 times during the same period. "In 1900 there were 60 non-Christians for one Christian and by the end of the century there will be only 20 non-Christian to every Christian. Christians' estimated population in the year 2000 will be 50 million," the report says.

According to the report entitled Trends and Issues in Evangelisation in India by Augustine Kanjamala SVD, a CBCI Secretary: "In the North-East, conversions among the tribals continue. During the last 30 years the Catholic population has increased nine fold to nine lakhs. In Arunachal Pradesh about 10,000 people join the Church per year, half of them into Catholic Church. In West India more than 45,000 Bhils have joined the Church (The Church In' India: Its Missions Tomorrow, p. 40).

The same report reveals: "Amri, Kerbi tribal people in Assam have totally declared to become Christians for the prosperity of the tribe." According to it every day 4,000 new Christians are added to the Church, and 35 new congregations are formed every week. One can very well imagine the aggressive nature of the "harvesting plan".

In their "hate and insinuation" literature, even Sikhs are not spared. A section of the Sikh community is often compared to thieves and dacoits. (Page 180 of Uttar Bharat tatha Pakistan main Masihi Dharma by Bishop Deendayal and published by Hindi Theological Literature Committee, Jabalpur). To substantiate its point the author refers to "historical instance" when Sikh soldiers allegedly attacked the enemy from behind and indulged in looting.

The missionary propaganda literature has throughout indulged in spreading canards against the Hindu society. It also twists and misrepresents the facts. For instance: "The old Hindu political, economic and philosophical writings like Kautilya's Artha Sastra and Manu Samiti did not count the dalits and the tribes as human being. The vedas treated them as Chandals, Gita and Mahabharata showed them as wild animals like monkeys and Rawanas." This is what you read in Bishop Nirmal Minz's book Rise Up, My People, And Claim the Promise. He goes on to write: "In the past they (tribes) have been treated as something less than human, according to Hindu attitudes and understanding."

Finally, if these propagandists are to be believed, the majority of the Hindus are slaves, untouchables, Poor, looters, thieves and nonbelievers. A book Confusion called Conversion by Sunder Raj is entirely devoted to malign the Hindu people. Now tell us who are the haters of the other religionists?

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