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RSS Sar Sanghchalak visit in Gujarat - Press Note

RSS Sar Sanghchalak visit in Gujarat - Press Note

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Date : 17-04-2001

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Let us make rehabilitated Mitha Pasvalia a self reliant and model village

- Shri Sudarshanji Sar Sanghchalak - RSS

Karnavati - Tuesday - Shri Sudarshanji, Sar Sanghchalak of RSS expressed that while in the process of rehabilitating quake affected villages, let us exploit the rural technology for reconstructing the new houses to make the villages self-reliant. ''We must also emphasis,'' he added, ''to provide employment to every villager and ensure to strengthen the sense of family life with the ultimate goal of making an ideal village.''

On his extensive tour of four days to the quake affected places of Gujarat, on the occasion of the function of laying foundation stone of the proposed rehabilitation of the quake affected Pasvalia village near Bhuj under the sponsorship of ''Seva Bharati'' Shri Sundershanji addressed the gathering.

Under the Gujarat Government's Package-1 scheme, Seva Bharati has prepared a plan to rehabilitate Mitha Pasvalia village having 157 families and a population of 700. As per the plan keeping in mind the ancient architect, the village will be reconstructed in such a way as well have schools, hospital, a building for village panchayat, water house, temple, library and such other modern amenities on a piece of land admeasuring 22 acres. The scheme will cost rupees three crores.

Shri Sudarshanji added further that efforts must be made to set up agro based small scale industries to make the village self sufficient thereby providing ample opportunities for employment. In his opinion this will dissuade the younger generation from violence.

Shri Sudarshanji emphatically appealed to the villagers to ensure rural development on its own efforts. ''We must change our old-age mentality of depending on Governmental agencies. With whatever Governmental aid made available, every villager should aim at and plan for village development on his own.'' he added.

Critisising the growing tendency of following blindly the Western culture, Shri Sundarshanji spoke that on realising the inter-relationship between animals-birds-trees-vegetation-human being our fore fathers had earmarked them as vehicles to our deities. However, western culture are not accepting the said inter-relationship. Today, there is deforestation on mass scale, cows are being massacred. These are ultimately leading to natural calamities such as earthquake.

While referring to a conference held in Russia about two years ago, where scientists from worldover had gathered, Shri Sudarshanji pointed out that Dr. Mathur, Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Sing, who were present at this conference linked the cow massacre to the earthquake. ''The bitter screaming of cows causes adverse effects on the atmosphere,'' pointed out these scientists.

Shri Sudarshanji earnestly suggested to use cow dung as a fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer because the cow dung fertilizer enhances the fertility of land. Besides, it is also useful to generate gas thus increasing the supply of energy.

While extending his heartfelt thanks to Seva Bharati Organisation Shri Laxmanbhai Aahir, Sarpanch of the village, spoke, ''We, the villagers, are more than sure that the houses to be built by Seva Bharati will be far more better than what we could build them?

On this memorable occasion Shri Madhubhai Kulkarni, Pracharak of Western Zone, Shri Chimanbhai Kansara, Sanghchalak of East Kutch, Shri Sunilbhai Mehta, Gujarat Prant Karyavah (Secretary), Shri Hiteshbhai Jani and Shri Pravinkaka both members of Gujarat Samiti and villagers in a large numbers were present. The function commenced with the slogan ''Bharat Mata Ki Jai.'' Shri Sudarshanji was greeted with traditional custom of applying tilak on his forehead, showering flowers and traditional music and folk dances.

Daulatbhai Mehta

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