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Uma: Babri was symbol of slavery

Uma: Babri was symbol of slavery

Publication: The Asian Age
Date: April 12, 2001

The Union sports minister Uma Bharati has said, that she believes that the disputed structure in Ayodhya which was demolished on December 6, 1992 was a symbol of slavery.

Deposing before the Liberhan Commission, probing the sequence of events which led to the demolition of the structure, Ms Bharati said, "There was no conspiracy involved in the demolition of the structure. I have always considered the disputed structure not only a symbol of slavery but also an insult to the nation."

She said that she does not subscribe to things which are known in the name of a person, who came not as a guest but as an aggressor. She said that she does not link it to any religion. "I believe that whatever be the religion of the citizens of the country, their approach towards an aggressor should be that he is an aggressor."

She further said, "My national sentiments were hurt whenever I heard that this place was called Babri structure." When she was asked whether she was aware that Babur had been invited by a king of this country she said, "No one can become a guest of the country only because he is invited by a traitor.

However, I do not confirm it as a historical fact."Replying to another query that a large number of historians also believe that Aryans too had come as aggressors and usurped land from Dravidians, she said, "The question where the Aryans come from is still being debated. Secondly a large number of historians believe that Aryans came from the foothills of Himalayas."

During her cross examination when it was pointed out to her that there are more than 15 criminal cases lodged against her, she said, that since she has participated in several movements it is possible that cases have been foisted on her.

When it was pointed out to her that her fiery speeches in Ganjdundwan, in Etah, in 1990-91 had resulted in communal riots, she contested that the riots had broken out even before she had entered the town.

She said that she was literally pleading with the police to let her go and deliver a speech so that the riot would stop but instead she was driven out of the district.

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