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India is not the same as Bharat: VHP

India is not the same as Bharat: VHP

Publication: Rediff on Net
Date: April 16, 2001

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad's 'international' general secretary, Pravin Togadia, said on Sunday that India and Bharat have different connotations for the people of the country.

In a statement likely to trigger a fresh row, Togadia said in Gangtok, Sikkim, that India was for the rich and non-resident Indians while Bharat was for the poor and those who believe in the Ram Janmabhoomi.

"India is for those who have an eye on the wealth of the US or other rich countries. It is best suited for non-resident Indians and people sitting in air-conditioned rooms in Delhi," Togadia remarked.

"But Bharat is for those who feel for the welfare of the poor, the farmers and breathe for Ram Janmabhoomi," he said.

Asked to characterise his organisation, Togadia said the VHP was not a 'spiritual' or 'religious' organisation, but a 'dharmik' body encompassing the people's lives in a different way.

Elaborating, he said the VHP was not a 'spiritual' organisation because spirituality deals with the human soul, while the VHP "looks after the mind and body of the people".

The VHP was not a 'religious' entity either because it was not guided by 'dogma or rituals', he claimed.


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