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Anti-India Indian Muslim

Anti-India Indian Muslim

Publication: Hindu Vision
Shahi Imam Openly Anti-India

In an interview to a Delhi-based Hindi daily 'Shahi' Imam of Jama Masjid, Sayed Ahmed Bukhari, has gone to the extent of saying that now he did not want Kashmir to remain a part of India. "Ab hum nahim chahate kashmir Hindustan ke saath rahe. Mera zamir isko bardast nahin karta (Now I do not want that Kashmir should remain in India. My conscience does not allow it)". He added that he wanted at least one Muslim dominated state in India.


Lessons in Subversive Fundamentalism

An Open Quiz Competition recently organised by Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in Gujarati about current affairs, history and so on, asked: "During the Kargil intrusion prayers were offered at mosques for the souls of slain Indian soldiers. But Holy Quran enjoins upon the faithful that to offer such prayers for the souls of non-believers is unacceptable, so what if the departed are your own parents. Point out in which Sura of Holy Quran Allah has given this command" (Q. No. 33). Question (No. 16): "In the Somnath Temple the Mahants had amassed huge wealth by exploiting the people, and like all other big temples of India the Devdasi system too was prevalent in it. Name the person who attacked Somnath in order to destroy this exploitative system of the Brahmins." General Knowledge (Q. No. 3): "Name the persons who were released in exchange of the hijack victims of the plane that was hijacked in the early part of the 21st century". On Literature (No. 19) "Name the woman writer who recently embraced Islam in order to free herself from the fire of hell after death."


'Invincible' Weapons of Islam

Mullahs in India, taken out of their lairs by the Khilafat movement in the first place, as Pt. Motilal Nehru moaned when they didn't go back, continue to consolidate their fundamentalist constituency in India through mosques and madarsas, which are playing no less a subversive role in their ultimate ideological Jehad than those which have produced Taliban and Lashkar-e-Toiba in Pakistan. The Saudis are funding construction of a hundred new mosques in India. A Taj Mahal-like new mosque costing Rs. 8 crore is coming up in Deoband (UP), to which even a Muslim has protested in the Nehru family's local Urdu daily Qaumi Awaz (Oct. 21, 2000) as 'needless extravagance'. But then, as a Pakistani paper recently said, the Mosque, the Namaz, the Roza and the Haj are the four invincible weapons of fundamentalist consolidation.

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