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This Months Article

Starting: Fri February 1, 2002
Ending: Mon February 25, 2002

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  • When Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi was sold a lemon
    • Virendra Kapoor, Afternoon Despatch & Courier, August 31, 2001

    • Poor Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi! The Congress Party member of the Lok Sabha from Raiganj in West Bengal was sold a lemon allegedly by a fellow MP, albeit a member of the Rajya Sabha. And Dasmunsi believing the said lemon to be a genuine article, triumphantly brandished the same in the House. ......
  • 'Pak wants jehadi belt around India'
    • PTI, August 31, 2001

    • Pakistan plans to encircle India with a jehadi belt and destabilise peace in Central Asia, a top field comander of Afghanistan's Northern Alliance has claimed. ......
  • Growth of a religious outfit has cops worried
    • The Hindustan Times, August 31, 2001

    • Like many other fundamentalist outfits, the National Democratic Front (NDF) surfaced in the aftermath of the Babri masjid demolition. Many religious outfits, including Madhani's Islamic Sewa Sangh (since banned), had come under a common platform to launch a religious organization. ......
  • Armed forces need amnesty
    • Prakash Singh, The Hindustan Times, August 31, 2001

    • The Home Minister's announcement that the Centre was considering relief to personnel of the armed forces within the ambit of the Constitution for their fight against terrorism, caused a flutter among the pseudo-human rights activists of the country. ......
  • Quotas and benefits
    • P. V. Indiresan, The Hindu, August 31, 2001

    • There IS much excitement about the U.N. conference on racial discrimination. Many Dalit activists are chagrined at the refusal of the Government of India to concede that caste discrimination too is a form of racial discrimination. In the United States, it is accepted that the Whites, the Blacks, the Red Indians, and the like belong to different races. ......
  • Fight caste in Delhi, not Durban
    • Rajinder Sachar, The Pioneer, August 31, 2001

    • We have witnessed a series of seminars and consultations, not with a view to draw up a programme how to eradicate discrimination against Dalits but whether caste discrimination should be included as an item of agenda of discussion at the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination and Related Intolerance (WCAR) being held at Durban. I find this an exercise in futility. ......
  • Annan ignores Dalit activists' plea
    • M. S. Prabhakara, The Hindu, August 31, 2001

    • The United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Kofi Annan, today declined to respond to the demand from the Dalit activists that the issues of caste and untouchability should find a place on the agenda of the World Conference Against Racism, opening here tomorrow. ......
  • Quotas and benefits
    • P. V. Indiresan, The Hindu, August 31, 2001

    • There IS much excitement about the U.N. conference on racial discrimination. Many Dalit activists are chagrined at the refusal of the Government of India to concede that caste discrimination too is a form of racial discrimination. In the United States, it is accepted that the Whites, the Blacks, the Red Indians, and the like belong to different races. ......
  • Pakistan's Cruel Blasphemy Law
    • Editorial, The New York Times, August 30, 2001

    • Pakistani criminal court has sentenced Dr. Younus Shaikh to be hanged for stating obvious facts about the life of Muhammad before he became the founder of Islam. That verdict and the blasphemy law that underlies it are an embarrassment to Pakistan and a threat to the basic liberties of its citizens. ......
  • Kashmiri Hindus run scared of rising violence
    • Reuters, The Indian Express, August 30, 2001

    • A wave of grisly killings of Hindus by militants over the past six weeks has terrorised the minority community in Kashmir. The latest victims were two Hindu priests who were dragged from a temple by militants and beheaded, police said. No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks. ......
  • Musharraf's Pakistan - G Parthasarathy
    • Rediff on Net, August 29, 2001

    • Many people saw the Agra Summit as a great triumph both domestically and internationally for General Pervez Musharraf. After Prime Minister Vajpayee invited him to visit India and even strangely congratulated him while he was in the process of getting rid of the democratically elected president of Pakistan, Rafiq Tarar, the United States government did him the honour of referring to him as 'President' Musharraf for the first time, when he arrived at Agra. ......
  • "Radical Islam-'ism' = Racism" Explosive Campaign Hits Durban UN Parley
    • Mary Elizabeth Hansen, www.dhimmi.com, August 29, 2001

    • "Radical Islamism, a form of religio-racism," should be condemned at UN Racism Conference, Human Rights Group says. ......
  • North Bengal, a haven for ISI, Maoist activities
    • The Navhind Times, August 28, 2001

    • The West Bengal Chief Minister, Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, has expressed concern over security in north Bengal following increased activity by different militant groups, in particular the Maoists of Nepal and Inter-Service Intelligence of Pakistan. ......
  • Terrorism: Glossing over the real issues
    • Premen Addy, The Hindu, August 28, 2001

    • "Gangsters, not freedom fighters" was the excoriating title of the Sunday Telegraph report on the arrest, recently, of three suspected members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in Colombia. The paper's investigative team of reporters probed the deception of "international drug dealers and gun-runners posturing as political guerillas". ......
  • LeT loose in 36 Indian cities
    • Deepak Sharma, The Pioneer, August 28, 2001

    • Pakistan based terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Toiba has its presence in more than 36 cities in India including new centres like Allahabad, Patna, Thane, Banglore, Chennai, Udaipur and Khandwa. ......
  • Dalits as NGOs' cannon fodder
    • P. N. Benjamin, The Hindu, August 28, 2001

    • I am provoked to write this after reading several articles and statements of well known writers and intellectuals and representatives of NGOs — call them, dalit warriors — in The Hindu for some time now, criticising the Indian Government's alleged attempts to thwart a debate on caste-based discrimination in the coming United Nations World Conference against Racism in Durban. ......
  • Orissa estuarine crocodiles die at hand of immigrants
    • The Navhind Times, August 28, 2001

    • The estuarine crocodiles of the world famous Bhitarkanika sanctuary on the Orissa coast are slowly dying out. ......
  • Militant's threats force Kashmiri women take to burqa
    • AM Sofi, The Economic Times, August 27, 2001

    • One dares to defy the orders of militants because there is no protection available, say a cross section of working women in Srinagar, where tailors are doing a brisk business making burqas after an unknown outfit Lashkar-e-jabbar issued Islamic dress code for women to adhere to. ......
  • Patented Wisdom
    • Sonu Jain, The Indian Express, August 26, 2001

    • Each time someone claims a bit of India as their own - and in these times of patent wars, we're fighting claims to about 40 products all over the world - the country goes into a tailspin. Anger, confusion, desperation and determination to Fight It Out (one more time) do urgent rounds of government offices, agricultural bodies and NGOs. ......
  • Guggul holds promise
    • Rajen. M, The Star, August 26, 2001

    • Ancient Sanskrit texts written by physicians of the revered Ayurvedic medical system more than 2,500 years ago, described the condition now known as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) with a remarkable degree of accuracy. These texts also prescribed a treatment for it - the herb called guggul (commiphora mukul). ......
  • Sanatan Dharma can help unite world: Sudarshan
    • Staff Reporter, The Hitavada, Nagpur, August 15, 2001

    • Saying that the politicians had always failed to establish peace and that they themselves were involved in confrontation, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief K S Sudarshan on Tuesday said that spiritual leaders in the country should take into their hands the mission of 'world peace'. ......
  • How to clear the Kashmir mess
    • Balraj Madhk, Lokmat Times, Nagpur, August 15, 2001

    • Much has been written on the Kashmir problem. It is now generally accepted that the key role in making Kashmir a problem was played by Nehru. He had emotional attachment with the Kashmir Valley from where his ancestors came, was obsessed with Sheikh Abdullah who originally belonged to the same Kaul clan of Kashmiri Brahmins to which Nehru belonged and had rooted prejudice against Maharaja Harisingh. ......
  • An open letter to General Musharraf
    • M. V. Kamath, Organiser, August 12, 2001

    • Dear General: For weeks you kept saying that you were willing to meet, indeed were very anxious to meet, Prime Minster of India Atal Behari Vajpayee at any time, on any date and at any place. Shri Vajpayee finally took you at your word and invited you to India. I am afraid you mistook Shri Vajpayee's generosity for weakness. ......
  • NRIs flock to RSS camp to become Global Hindus
    • Johnson T A, www.indya.com, August 11, 2001

    • Nineteen-year-old Vinod Shastry, a second generation Indian American, on his second visit to India, paces around the classroom/dormitory at the Jana Seva Vidya Kendra, a residential boys school 20 km from Bangalore, apparently humming a tune. ......
  • U.S. to Pakistan: Which side are you on?
    • Salon News (salon.com), August 11, 2001

    • The diplomatic overtures to Pakistan Thursday came as U.S. foreign policy in South Asia recently shifted away from Pakistan toward India. ......
  • The Counterterrorist Myth
    • Reuel Marc Gerecht, The Atlantic Monthly, July/August 2001

    • The United States has spent billions of dollars on counterterrorism since the U.S. embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya, in August of 1998. Tens of millions have been spent on covert operations specifically targeting Usama bin Ladin and his terrorist organization, al-Qa'ida. ......
Last Article date: Mon February 25, 2002
Archived on: Thu February 21, 2002

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