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The Islam Threat and the Enemy within

The Islam Threat and the Enemy within

Islamic Attacks in the UK

Nov 2001 :Churches under siege in the high Muslim population of Bradford  - A vicar  told how he was chased from his blazing church by a gang of masked Bin Laden thugs hurling stones and chanting racist abuse.

The Reverend Tony Tooby "thanked God" that St Phillip's Church in Thorn Street, Girlington, did not burn down after the attack by the group of around 50 Muslim youths who broke in through the front door.  The 43-year-old spotted youths running in and out of his church as he delivered wood for a bonfire around 7pm yesterday.  Fearing for his safety he sped off in his Toyota Yaris, parked up and rang the police on his mobile phone.  But to his horror he spotted a hate-filled mob coming towards him shouting get the white Bastard.  He said: "I could see them behind me and they'd obviously spotted my mobile phone because I was holding it up to my ear.  "They were shouting abuse. I thought they were going to get me.  "I said to the police down the phone that I was being attacked and then suddenly there was a crash and my back windscreen went through.  "I put my head down, drove up the road and down a few back s streets to escape them. I met a police car at some traffic lights and told them my church was under attack."

Police are hunting the gang of Muslim youths - who fled the church by the time officers arrived - and are treating it as a racially motivated incident.  It is understood to be the latest in a line of attacks against the church including the front door being vandalised a number of times.  Today the Bishop of Bradford, the Right Reverend David Smith, condemned the attack and said the gang was around 50 strong.  "I was appalled to receive news of the attack on St Phillip's Church in Girlington, and also on the vicar's car. I am equally dismayed to hear of the race abuse hurled at the vicar. The perpetrators of this violence bring their community into disrepute and give no satisfaction at all to those who are working for racial harmony in Bradford."  The team rector in neighbouring Manningham, the Reverend George Moffat, said he was aware St Phillip's Church had been under attack from members of its local community.  "We have been aware of the stress Tony Tooby has been facing and the dangers to his church, but none of us had any idea it would come to this," he said.  "Fifty youths is a substantial number and this can't have been an off-the-cuff thing," he said.  "We are very sad about this and hope to redeem it by speaking to Mosque elders. You can't have one community so dominating another its youths feel they can do this. Respect must go both ways. The problem is that some of these youths are out of control of anybody."  He called on senior Muslims to immediately speak out against the attack on St Phillip's.  "Local mosques must support them in their hour of need. There's got to be public recognition and condemnation of this kind of violence. Otherwise it could be replicated across Bradford and you will then have a pretty dire situation." Inspector David Holdsworth, of Bradford North police, said: "This was a despicable attack on a local community church at a time when police officers and fire officers were at full stretch protecting the public." This is just one of many accounts of how the government is telling the church to keep-quiet regarding Muslim race attacks on Christian churches, including the Hanging of a Church Wardens dog.  This terrifying attack, in which the intruders attempted to set fire to the church and hurled stones and racist abuse at its vicar, has sinister overtones.  A Christian place of worship has been singled out for attack and it raises fears that the tradition of the sanctity of holy places is no longer recognised in some sections of the community.  It cannot be seen as tit-for-tat religious revenge because there have been no incidents involving attacks on Mosques in Bradford as there have been in one or two other cities since the events of September 11.

Nov 2001:Muslims attack a pensioners house - Stone-throwing yobs as young as ten have turned a Bradford street into a "war zone", residents claimed today.  Many householders in the Girlington street fear leaving their homes at night as out-of-control youngsters hurl bricks through windows, set fire to fences and clamber across the roofs of bungalows.  Pensioner Joyce Bean, pictured with the stones, and her husband Les say they fear for their lives after a mattress was pushed up against their door and set alight.  Mrs Bean, of Lilycroft Walk, said she had suffered six broken windows in one month alone and, after living in the area for 30 years is now terrified.  "It is like living in a war zone," she said. "We sit here on a night with the curtains drawn not knowing what is going to come through the window next."  Police said today they are treating the attacks on the Beans as racially motivated, believing they were sparked by young Asian boys. "The stones are so large they could kill us if they hit us," the 71-year-old said. "We are so frightened we are considering moving. Children as young as ten are doing this and we urge their parents to stop them, so we can live in peace."  Mrs Bean, who has to walk with the aid of sticks after undergoing a hip operation, said: "We are living in a complete state of fear."  News of the attacks come just weeks after St Philip's Church in Girlington was attacked by a 50-strong gang who tried to set it alight and threw stones at the vicar.  Other residents in the street are also under siege.  One resident too scared to be named said: "They run across the roof tops of the bungalows and the old lady who used to live in one was frightened to death.  "Old people who have lived in this area all their lives should not have to move but at our time of life you shouldn't have to put up with this."  Bradford Police race relations office, Sergeant Jonathan Pickles said he was concerned about the complaints.  "I can assure you that the matter will be investigated thoroughly. Offences like this against vulnerable people cannot be tolerated. We would ask people to live together peacefully for the good of the city," he said.  The windows of five Council-owned bungalows in the street are boarded up after being smashed. They are covered in graffiti and the fences from the properties have been stolen and burnt twice.  A Bradford Council Housing spokesman said: "There are a number of empty properties on the estate which are being improved for re-letting. Some of them have suffered from vandalism including graffiti and stolen fences and repairs will be carried out as soon as possible."  Councillor Gary Seekins (Lab, Heaton) said it was not an isolated incident.  "These problems are going to take a long time to sort out," he warned.  Magistrate and member of the Minority Police Liaison Committee, Bary Malik, said: "This has to stop and should not be happening to anybody. They are old people who have lived there all their lives. It is not fair to drive them out."

A Drighlington couple claim they have been driven from their home by a gang of young thugs.  American-born Kelly Jenkins, 36 and his wife Donna, 26, said for the last 12 months their lives had been made unbearable by the missile-throwing gang who roam the Fairfax Estate in Drighlington.  They are now living with Mrs Jenkins's parents as they search for a new house.

As the attacks on churches continues, mothers and children are also being targeted.  Women taking their children to Brownies tell of stones and missiles thrown at them,  symbols of Britain are desecrated and the police do nothing except when it comes to protecting Mosques.  They have been reported to have told the church to "Rise above it" or "Turn the other cheek".  Can you imagine the hysteria if  this were Muslim Mosques rather than a Christian churches.

The text below are two letters that were wrote to a Bradford Newspaper describing ethnic cleansing of the British population.  Some may find it shocking.

20/11/01- SIR - West Park Bowling Club at Girlington, about half a mile from St Philip's Church where the recent attack took place, has experienced vandalism for many years.  Young Asians continually throw missiles at bowlers from the adjoining playground, cars are damaged, drivers threatened and verbally abused.  On a recent Saturday, I witnessed a gang of Asians setting fire to the main hut and but for the prompt attention of the fire brigade, it would have been destroyed.  On a recent Monday evening another group of Asians attacked the veterans' hut in West Park Road. The door was damaged and windows broken.  The police were called but in both cases the youths had run away.  My club is in a hopeless situation. The children are not accompanied by their parents at the playground. I have seen children as young as six throwing missiles. The youths are never caught and are beyond control. My members cannot understand why we are attacked in this way.  Will the Chief Constable see that West Park, Girlington, is "positively policed" (as he claims Bradford is) and will the Recreation Division of the Council consider moving the playground away from the bowling greens?  S Brooksbank (secretary, West Park Veterans' Bowling Club), Flower Haven, Bradford 9.

SIR - Muslim youths in Bradford are now attacking women and children and even though they are targeting the Brownies and their mothers, these cowards still have to attack in gangs.  The fact that they appear to be beyond the law and have no concern for the decencies of civilised behaviour makes it even more nauseating to see a photograph of one of our senior Labour councillors who is supporting a Bradford rioter.  With the greatest respect I think this councillor should be reminded that the July riots were not a jolly jape by some naughty schoolboys, but the worst seen on mainland Britain for more than a century.  What should be happening is ALL our local MPs and councillors, whatever their politics, colour, race or creed, should be screaming for the prosecution of these criminals.  A closing thought. Is it beyond the bounds of possibility that one of our police chiefs may have the initiative to provide protection to vulnerable groups like the Brownies when they enter these no-go areas? Not much to ask is it?

The are racial attacks all over the UK perpetrated by Muslims that go unnoticed in the general media.  When you add them up its quite shocking not just the spontaneous violence inflicted but  the victims are mostly the elderly and children, young girls in particular.  Members of the black, Jewish and Hindu communities have also come under attack by Muslims,  this is not just a Muslim vs. white issue.  These are just a few of the news stories from local UK sources in one area of Britain describing rape, abduction, robbery and assault upon the British population.

21/09/11 Teenager beaten to death by Muslim thugs  17-year-old Ross Parker was set upon by about 10 youths.  The incident happened at Borges Boulevard while the teenager was walking from a pub with his 19-year-old girlfriend. Police said the dead youth and his girlfriend were white and the youths wanted for questioning were said by a witness to be Asian

UPDATE - Sarfraz Ali, 20, Ahmed Ali Awan, 21, and Shaied Nazir, 20, all from Peterborough, appeared before a magistrates in the city.  Ross Parker, 17, who wanted to be a policeman, was attacked as he was walked home in Peterborough in the early hours of last Friday.  A post-mortem examination revealed he died from stab wounds.

Nov.2001:Girl, 11, sexually assaulted in park - The 11-year-old girl victim was walking home from school along the top road in Corporation Park, Blackburn when she was attacked. As she walked up some steps the teenager, who was talking on a mobile phone, approached her from behind, grabbed her and assaulted her before running off. The girl then returned home and reported the incident to police. DC Julie Peter, of Blackburn CID, said they were keen to talk to anybody who may have been walking in the park that afternoon and may have seen the youth before or after the incident. She said: "This was a particularly distressing attack on a young girl making her way home from school and we would appeal for anyone with information about this incident to contact us so that we can ensure this doesn't happen again."  The attacker was described as Asian, 13-15 years old, about 5ft seven ins, skinny with a pointed nose, wearing a dark blue sweatshirt, possibly an Adidas top and trousers.

July.2001 Girl, 15, in knife attack horror -  The girl was walking along Branch Road, Batley, between 2.30pm and 2.45pm on Wednesday, July 11, when two Asian men grabbed her and pulled her into an alleyway. One of the men held a knife at the girl's throat in what police are treating as a racist attack.  The attackers, who spoke in a foreign language, fled when they were disturbed by a man who was standing by the bus station at the far end of the alleyway.  The first attacker is described as Asian, 6ft tall, skinny, with black hair cut in a pudding basin style, early 20s, with a thin goaty beard and a thin nose which was flat at the base. He was wearing a black, thigh-length, leather jacket which was fastened from top to bottom with large round buttons, semi-circular pockets, and had a black belt. He was also wearing a red circular prayer cap. The second attacker was Asian, 17-years-old, 5ft 7ins, with a skinny face and puffy cheeks, short hair and a skinny build. He also had his left eyebrow shaved. He was wearing a grey top with a white bulldog motif at the top of the right arm.

Jan.2001 Girl, 16, in sex attack horror - A TERRIFIED girl was pinned against a wall and molested by a drunken sex attacker as she made her way to school -- the second attack in Bolton within 24 hours. The pervert also seriously assaulted a second teenager and made lewd remarks to three others as he stalked the streets of Astley Bridge yesterday.  The 16-year-old girl, speaking from her terraced home said she was making her way to school on her own just before 9am and was walking towards the off licence on Coop Street when an Asian man grabbed her from behind. She added: "He dragged me by my jumper down a back alley. He pushed me against a wall and made some suggestive remarks. He then grabbed hold of my hips."  The pervert then molested the schoolgirl, but she managed to fight him off and began shouting and screaming.  The sex attacker followed the teenager as she ran off, but gave up his chase when he saw her running towards some friends. The girl's parents were shocked by the news their daughter had been attacked in daylight on her way to school and warned others to take care. Her mother said: "Unfortunately, her sister usually walks to school with her, but she was ill. I've seen girls walking through the cemetery to school on their own in the morning, but they need to be more careful. This man's a pervert." Her father added: "He's going to get more confident the longer he gets away with it. I hope they catch him very quickly." Another girl from the same school was seriously assaulted by the man. He also approached the two girls the 16-year-old ran towards for help. The man began talking to them suggestively when they came out of the off licence.  The pest also struck again when he made lewd remarks to a middle-aged woman who lives in the area.  The sex attacker is described as an Asian man, in his early 20s, wearing a distinctive red, white and blue sports jacket and dark trousers. He was drunk with a strong smell of alcohol on his breath.

March200 Girl, 19, in sex attack horror - A teenager was sexually assaulted after she was dragged off a street in Bradford and bundled into a car. The 19-year-old was walking in the Queens Hall area when a car containing two Asian males pulled up alongside her. They grabbed her and drove to Keighley Road, Halifax, where one of the men subjected her to the terrifying attack. The woman was then pushed out of the vehicle in the Ogden area of Halifax. She managed to stagger to a nearby home to raise the alarm. The car, possibly a Toyota Carina, drove off abandoning her in the road. The teenager, who is from the Bradford area, is said to be extremely traumatised by her ordeal. Detectives are still trying to piece together the exact details of the attack, which began shortly after midnight yesterday. The driver is described as an Asian male, in his early 30s, of medium build, with short black scruffy hair and a deep voice. His accomplice is described as an Asian male, in his early 20s, of slim build, with short black hair brushed forward, also with a deep voice.

Glass attack terror for mum-to-be -  A HEAVILY pregnant woman feared she would lose her baby when a gang of young yobs kicked through the window of a double decker bus. Shaun and Tracey Emmett's new Ford Escort was showered with glass when the vandals struck at traffic lights close to Tesco, Accrington Road, Blackburn. The gang, who were all Asian and aged between 18 and 25, had boarded the Blackburn Transport 17.26 Saturday service to Accrington in Penny Street, Blackburn. They kicked through the top deck front window when the vehicle stopped at the traffic lights. The couple had been travelling in front of the bus back to their home in Hawthorn Bank, Altham. Shocked Tracey, 26, who is due to give birth in four weeks, said: "We just heard a loud bang on the roof of our car. It frightened me to death. "When I realised what had happened I was angry and shouted at the gang. I told them they could have made me lose my baby but they just ran off laughing." Her husband Shaun, 30, added: "I dread to think what would have happened if the sun roof had been open. I suppose it was a blessing in disguise that it wasn't sunny. "I can't believe somebody would do something so stupid. Tracey could have gone into labour or anything." Bus driver Stephen Holmes said the five youths had been shouting just before the window shattered. He added: "They were sitting on the front seat on the top deck and I could hear some sort of argument then the window went through. "They ran off when I stopped the bus to let passengers off, I am just glad nobody on the bus or the people in the car in front were hurt."

Jan2001 Girl attacked in fish and chip shop raid -A teenage girl was grabbed by the throat and thrown to the floor during a robbery at a city centre fish and chip shop.Detectives are appealing for witnesses to last night's incident at the Inn Plaice, Sunbridge Road, Bradford.Two Asian males entered the shop at about 8pm and asked the 17-year-old female assistant for a fish butty. As the teenager put the food on the counter she knocked the till with her elbow and the cash drawer opened. One of the men grabbed her by the throat and threw her to the floor before leaning over the counter and grabbing a handful of cash. The teenager suffered bruising and swelling to her neck but did not require hospital treatment. Both robbers are described as Asian males. One was aged 20 to 25, slim, 5ft 8ins, wearing a black woolly hat and black coat. His accomplice was of stocky build.

Sex attack victim dragged from road - DETECTIVES hunting a rapist who attacked a 15-year-old girl in a Nelson churchyard believe someone from the local Asian community may know who he is. Detective Inspector Ron Griffiths, who is leading the inquiry, said someone in the community could have vital information about the Asian attacker, who dragged the girl from a busy main road before assaulting her. The sex attacker is known to have made sexual approaches to other women and girls in Nelson town centre prior to the rape on November 9 in the grounds of St Mary's Church, Manchester Road. The church is in the Whitefield area of the town, which has a large Asian population. Mr Griffiths said: "Someone knows this man and he may have done or said something to raise their suspicions. "He has made advances to Asian women as well as raping the girl, who is white. "We urgently want to hear from anyone, whether they are from the Asian or white communities, who has any information about this violent assault to come forward and help catch this man." Mr Griffiths also appealed for information on local Asian radio. The rapist is 5ft 9in to 5ft 11ins tall, in his 30s, of stocky build with dark receding hair, a pock-marked face and a bump on the bridge of his nose. The girl told police the way the man acted and spoke made her believe he may be intellectually 'slow.'

Feb2001 Sex gang attacks youth, 18 - Police were today searching a Bradford cemetery after an 18-year-old youth was the alleged victim of an horrific sex attack by three other men. The white teenager claimed to have been brutally and repeatedly attacked by three Asian men in Undercliffe Cemetery. He fled the scene in only his boxer shorts and ran about a mile to a pub to raise the alarm. Officers were carrying out a fingertip search of the cemetery in the hunt for clues to the alleged attack which took place last night between 11pm and midnight. The attack is believed to have happened near the Otley Road entrance to the graveyard. The alleged victim ran from the scene through Peel Park and up into Idle Road before staggering into the Swing Gate pub at Bolton junction to ask for help and call for the police. Around a dozen police task force officers today carried out a sweep of the area where the alleged attack is believed to have taken place in the hunt for clues.

Jan2001 Women warned after car park sex attack - WOMEN were put on alert today after a serious sex attack on a supermarket car park. Police are urging women to be extra vigilant after the Nelson woman was taken into a car and sexually assaulted.  The incident happened on the Kwik Save car park in Goitside, Nelson, when the 47-year-old victim was attacked on the street before being pulled into the small red two-door car similar to a Nissan Micra. She was subjected to what police describe as a serious sexual attack. When released she managed to make her way home. She suffered bruising in the attack and was badly shocked by her ordeal. Police have carried out door-to-door inquiries among businesses, shops and houses in the area. The attacker is described as Asian, in his mid 30s, 6ft and slim with collar-length hair. He had a local accent. He was wearing dark clothing and possibly a green casual shirt. The incident happened at 4am on New Year's Day morning but was not reported to the police until Wednesday. Detective Sergeant Dave Fleming said: "We are also advising women to be aware of walking alone at night until this man has been apprehended."

Nov2000 Youths hunted after sex attacks - Police are hunting for two youths in connection with a brazen indecent assault committed on Sunday. At around 1.50pm, a 16-year-old girl was walking along Spring Gardens Lane, Keighley, when she saw two youths standing on the pavement in front of her. Not wishing to walk past them, she crossed the road and, noticing that they too had crossed the road, she crossed back. One of the youths then called out to her and grabbed her by the arm and, pushing her up against the wall, subjected her to an indecent assault. The victim of the assault, who was left severely distressed, managed to escape when the other youth pulled the attacker off and said they should go. The attacker is described as a 16-year-old male of Asian appearance, around 5ft 8in tall, with a medium build, and short black bristly hair and very strong black eye brows. He was clean shaven with a fairly round face and was wearing a black, leather-look three-quarter-length coat and a dark green sweater with a navy blue and multi-coloured logo.  His accomplice is described as another 16-year-old male of Asian appearance, also about 5ft 8in tall but with a stocky build. He had short, straight black hair and was wearing a hooded, off-white pullover top with a short zip up to the neck and a dark coloured logo. Sergeant Allan Gee, of Keighley police, says: "This was a particularly nasty attack on a young girl in the middle of the afternoon in a relatively built up area. "It took place at the side of a main road so it's quite possible that there were people in or near that area who may have seen this taking place, or who may have seen the suspects in the area

Sep2001 Pensioner battered for a few pounds - Battered pensioner Marjorie Colley today condemned the "coward" who attacked her for her shopping bag and a few pounds. The 82-year-old suffered broken bones and a severe gash when she was hurled to the pavement while bravely fighting off her mugger in broad daylight. The shocking assault came as police revealed a spate of robberies on the elderly across the city. Speaking from her hospital bed, Miss Colley, of Heaton, Bradford, told how she was targeted as she walked along Duckworth Terrace towards Duckworth Lane at 10.05am on Friday. "I am trying to be strong but this has been a real blow," she said. "I think it will definitely spoil my Christmas." Detective Constable Dave Bower said the regular church-goer spotted an Asian youth walking towards her, having crossed the road from the other side. "When she was level with him, he grabbed for the bag which was over her shoulder," said Det Con Bower. "She tried to hold on to it and he dragged her onto the floor." Miss Colley, a nurse at Bradford Royal Infirmary for 30 years, suffered a broken shoulder and wrist as well as a cut above her eye, and severe bruising. After grabbing the bag, which contained the pensioner's purse and a small amount of cash, the man ran up Duckworth Terrace towards Smith Lane. Det Con Bower said: "This was an extremely cowardly act and Miss Colley was clearly targeted because of her age and frailty." "The attacker was totally uncaring about the injuries she sustained and these could have been even more serious." The incident occurred close to a busy bank where customers and staff may have witnessed the attack or the man fleeing, said Det Con Bower. He also appealed for a man who came to her aid to contact them. Miss Colley said: "When he went for the bag I grabbed his hand - I didn't want to let him get away with it. He pulled me on to the ground and I couldn't get up. I was dazed and very shaken. "Who could do this to an elderly person?".  The attacker was described as Asian between 15 and 20-years-old, about 5ft 6ins tall with collar-length, black hair. He was of medium build and wore a dark, casual jacket.

Sep2001 Pensioner scared to go out after attack - A pensioner today told of her terror after being attacked and robbed in her own home.  Edith Uttley, pictured, a 74-year old from Eccleshill, was pushed to the floor and had cash and other personal items snatched by a man who followed her home after she had been to the post office.  The pensioner was pushed and punched during the attack leaving her with bad bruising to a hand.  Mrs Uttley is now so scared that she is afraid of leaving her house.  "To be honest, I nearly dropped dead," she said. "I came into the house and bent down to stroke my dog and then the man was on top of me. He snatched my bag from my hand and made off. I tried to follow him and saw him leave in a car.  "I think what happened is disgusting."  Now her son is doing her shopping because Mrs Uttley fears that a repeat attack may take place.  "I don't leave my house much," she said. "I just go to the shops a couple of times a week. But I don't know if I'll keep going out now."  An Asian male, described as being in his mid-20s and wearing a long-sleeved white top, snatched a bag which contained the cash, a pension book and personal items.  He then fled with the black leather shopping bag, which has burgundy and tan pockets. Mrs Uttley chased the robber who drove off with someone else in a car, possibly a silver Vauxhall Astra.  Detective Sergeant Neil Benstead, of Bradford North CID, said: "It was a particularly cowardly and nasty attack on an old woman"

Jan2002 Party man punched in face at petrol station - A MAN who wanted to buy cigarettes at a service station in Rawtenstall was attacked and punched in the face and head after asking a man for a bottle opener. The 22-year-old, who does not want to be identified, was returning from a New Year's Eve Party when he stopped off at the Shell Service Station in Queen Square roundabout to get some cigarettes. His friends continued home in a taxi while he went into the shop at about 6am. He had some bottles from the party and asked an Asian man in the shop for a bottle opener. When he did, police say he was punched again and again in the face by the man. He was then pushed against the shelves by the man who followed him outside and started hitting him in the face until he fell to the floor. He then removed the bottle and smashed it before running off. Police are checking CCTV footage to try to identify the man and are appealing for anyone who was in the area returning home after being out on New Year's Eve who saw the man to call.

June2001 Pupils hit in bus attack - School children were showered with flying glass when yobs hurled a lump of concrete through the window of a school bus. The incident happened shortly after the double-decker First Bradford A82 school service bus had picked up pupils from Buttershaw High School. It was driving along Reevy Avenue to Beacon Road when a group of six or seven Asian youths, aged about 15, started throwing stones at it from the Wibsey Park side of the road. A slab of concrete smashed through a window on the upper deck. One 11-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl were struck by flying glass and were taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary suffering from eye injuries. No other children were injured. Inspector Steve Longbotton, of Bradford South Police, said: "A large piece of concrete was thrown through an upper deck window showering the children with glass. It was obviously thrown with some force. "This was a cowardly attack that could have been a lot worse. Two children have received eye injuries from getting glass in their eyes but they are believed to be minor. "We will be making inquiries into the incident and paying special attention to the area." It is believed that one lump of concrete was thrown with such force that it smashed a window on one side of the bus before breaking the window on the other side. Allan Jarvis, Buttershaw High deputy head, said of the attack: "We are obviously appalled by this attack and will be helping the police in every way we can to help find the people who did this." First Bradford marketing manager Brandon Jones, said: "This was a terrible incident of mindless vandalism that was outside our control and outside the control of the school pupils on the bus. "We hope the children who were injured in the incident recover as soon as possible." Mr Jones said the A82 service had been withdrawn in March this year after reports of vandalism but there had been no reports of further damage since it had been reinstated.

Sep2001 Teens attacked at Rock fairground - TWO 16-year-old boys were assaulted in a suspected racist attack at the funfair on The Rock on Saturday (Sept 22). Detective Sergeant Duncan Heywood, of Bury police, said: "Two white lads were confronted by around 20 Asian males, aged between 12 and 18." He added: "They were chased and one was pushed to the ground and kicked about the head and body. His friend tried to stop the attack and was then punched in the face." One of the victims was treated in Fairfield General Hospital for cuts and bruises. The other suffered a bruised jaw. Because of remarks made during the incident, around 10.15pm, police are treating the assault as racist.

April2001 Park attackers strike again - A man has told how he was clubbed over the head with a baseball bat as he walked home near a notorious Keighley Park. Yesterday, as police investigated the latest incident in the Lund Park area, a councillor stepped up her campaign for tougher police action. Justin Gallagher, 31, an unemployed draughstman, told the Keighley News how he was on his way home from a shop in Malsis Road, around 5pm last Thursday, when he sensed a group of youths was following him. He said: "I was on Victoria Road and turned the corner to Holycroft Road when I felt a crack on the head. "At the time I was just about knocked out." Mr Gallagher claimed he fell to the floor and the gang set about kicking, punching and throwing things at him. He said there were as many as ten Asian youths in the gang, aged from 12 to 20 years old. "It was the younger ones who were kicking and hitting me when I was on the floor." Mr Gallagher who suffered bruises and cuts to his head, back and legs was treated at Airedale Hospital. Cllr Lynne Joyce (Labour Keighley South), who is campaigning for more safety measures in the area, says: "This is an on-going problem. The only way forward is to set up a meeting with the police and youth service." Cllr Joyce has called a meeting with Keighley divisional police commander Chief Super-intendent Derek Bonnard, MP Ann Cryer and local youth and community organisations on May 7. Mrs Cryer earlier this year vowed to fight Lund Park becoming a "no-go" area. Police are not directly linking this latest incident to earlier attacks. Inspector Angela Williams, of Keighley police, says: "We had an assault reported which we are investigating. There have been various attacks in the area and we are not sure this one follows the general pattern. If we need to put extra patrols in the area we will do so." Nine people have been attacked in the Lund Park area since December 1999.

· The first was Jenny Harper, 26, and seven weeks pregnant when a masked man came to her Harper Street door and repeatedly bashed her with a blunt instrument on December 11, 1999.
· Elaine Marsh, a 33-year-old mother of four, was hit several times on the head as she walked through Lund Park on December 16 1999.
· A 29-year-old woman sales assistant was grabbed by the hair and her head bashed on the pavement in Kensington Street, on January 4, 2000.
· Five Asian youths beat up 11-year-old Brendan Whitaker when he walked through the park on January 12, 2001.
· A 17-year-old was beaten by three youths in Oakworth Road, on January 13, 2001.
· The same day a 16-year-old girl and 17-year-old boy walking through Lund Park were assaulted by a gang.
· A 33-year-old man was beaten by an Asian gang in the park on March 4, 2001.

The masked attacker is still at large in connection with the first three attacks. The later gang attacks are not being linked.

The Muslim riots of England 2001

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