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"Our Motto is constant jihad" (Interview with Nawabzadaa Nabiullah Khan)

"Our Motto is constant jihad" (Interview with Nawabzadaa Nabiullah Khan)

Publication: Hindu Voice
Date: September 2002

Introduction: In February 1999 the "Jamhooria Islamia", a monthly Baluchi magazine published from Panj-gar, published an interview with Nawabzadaa Nabiullah Khan, a confidant of and adviser to the leader of one of the prominent Pakistani Islamic militant outfits, Jamaat-e-Islami, which was conducted by Jalil Amir. The following constitutes excerpts from that conversation (which relates to Bharat) which reveals the fundamentalist ideology & designs of the organisation and its leader.

Q.: What are Qazi Hussain Ahmed Qazi's views on women?
A.: .... Equality of men and, women is stupidity. What men can do, women cannot do and what women can do, men cannot do. Women are weak physically and mentally compared to men. .... Qazi had said once that when JI comes to power in Pakistan, he will abolish the voting rights of women and minorities. Only the Muslim men can participate in voting or standing for elections. When I asked the proof from Hadiths, he had' quoted many Hadiths in support of that. I asked him why is it that it is never talked about openly in the public by the Jamaat? Qazi had said that the hints are all over the place. But JI did not make it a big issue since the women who currently have the voting rights may vote against JI in the elections if such a thing is said openly. I was against this, for in my opinion, since all the main leaders of the Jamaat believe that women will not have voting rights after they come to power, they should openly say that. If you do not say it now- and then you remove the voting rights later when you come to power, that is going to build a resentment among the people. But Qazi was firmly of the opinion that JI should not say that now.

Q.: That brings us to the question of minorities. Will they have to pay Jizya tax?
A.: Yes. They have to pay the tax. As explained by Qazi, the idea of Jizya is not protection money. But it is a monetary force on the non-Muslim to convert to Islam. Once the Jamaat comes to power, the minorities will be induced (forced) to become Muslims either, by monetary or psychological factors. JI is already equating India with Hindus so that the Hindus of Pakistan will be forced to become Muslims. This was a very successful strategy during the Babri Masjid riots. JI was actively involved in destroying the Hindu temples in Punjab and Sindh. We ordered the destruction of the Hindu family property too. But our main aim was to destroy the Hindu temples. We wrote in the JI pamphlets that destroying each pagan temple makes a Muslim move closer to the heaven of Allah. We used the Hadiths in all the pamphlets. Babar destroyed the Ram temple in Ayodhya because he was a true believer. The same way, every Muslim should take it upon himself to destroy the Hindu temples in Pakistan. Our idea was to encourage the Muslims of India also to destroy the Hindu temples-in India. But this was not met with much success since the Hindu police in India started attacking the Muslims who were doing Allah's duty.

Q.: What kind of government does JI envisage for Pakistan?
A.: It will be the Sharia government. Sharia will be made our constitution so that the eminent Muslim scholars who had completed the schooling in Madrasas will be appointed as the Judges in every court. ... Our motto is "Constant Jihad". The idea is to keep Pakistan in a constant state of Jihad all the time. Qazi's vision is that Pakistan will be! the centre of the new Islamic Empire that stretches from Burma to Afghanistan and from Srilanka to Tajikistan including Kashmir.

Towards that end, the Jamaat will use all tactics from terrorism in the kafir-controlled areas to negotiation s in the Muslim controlled areas. Already the Jamaat leaders of Bangladesh and Jamaat leaders of India have accepted the primacy of Pakistani leadership in this regard.

Q.: Coming back to the same point, if India was to become many countries, how do you deal with the individual Hindu States? They may even become big enemies of Pakistan. Or they may again re-group to challenge Pakistan.
A.: Qazi and other people had already discussed this possibility. In our opinion, such a thing is not possible since the language and cultural differences between States in India are enormous. There is no language like Urdu to bind all Indians. English, and not Hindi, is common language among all the States of India. Hence we have planned to start riots in each State against the neighborhood State people so that the States will always be in the state of war.

For example, there are a lot of Kannadigas in Tamil Nadu and Telugu in Madras. We will start the anti-Telugu riots in Madras, which will keep Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu fighting. If we keep a bomb in the Telugu Cinema Theater in Madras and keep a bomb in the Tamil Movie Theater in Andhra, the war between Tamil Nadu and Andhra will run for eternity. Similar things can be done in the Assam Cultural Center in Bengal and the Hindi Prachar Sabha in Orissa.

Given the differences between the nationalities in India, the options for Pakistan are endless. Qazi's vision is to make the entire India a 100% Muslim Nation. A United India, where Hindus are majority is an impediment to that. Like Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) made Muslims out of pagans of Arabia, Qazi also wants to make Muslims out of the pagans of India.

Q.: This is a great vision since this -was not even possible for the Muslim dynasties and Moguls who ruled India for the last 700 years.
A.: True. That is because they had never really established the Muslim Empire. Though the Kings were Muslims, they had entertained the Hindus in positions of power. When you make an unequivocal statement that only Muslims are voters and declare that India is an Islamic Republic, then automatically the people will become Muslims. Little bit of terror had to be applied to the heart of Hindus and Christians. I will give you a best example. The portions which now constitute Pakistan had 25% Hindu population before Independence. After Independence, a lot of Hindus migrated to India. Yet after the migration, the Pakistani Hindu population was 15%. Do you know what is the percentage now? It is less than 1%. How was this made possible? How did the Hindus convert to Islam in a short span of 20 years whereas for 700 years they had never converted to Islam? That is purely because of the terror of the Partition.

That terror forced the Hindus who remained in Pakistan to become Muslims. Pure and simple. JI used similar techniques in Punjab and Sindh. Each time a riot breaks out in India, we had used that pretext to strike terror among the Hindus, Christians and Ahmaddiahs. The similar terror will be at the heart of every non-Muslim, both Hindu as well as Christian, in the coming years in the entire of India. Qazi is an analytical genius who knows every strategy that was used by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and which will be and should be used in India to achieve the total submission to Allah.

Q.: Do you envision a possibility that when Kashmir becomes part of Pakistan, there could be large-scale riots in India against Indian Muslims?
A.: Yes that is a possibility. But our ideology is based on Quran and Hadiths. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in numerous Hadiths and Allah in Quran had said that any Muslim who associates with a polytheist is a polytheist. Muslims cannot be friendly with a non-Muslim. This includes the Christians, Jews and Hindus.

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