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Hindutva is not rigid: Modi

Author: PTI
Publication: Times of India
Date: December 27, 2003

In a blistering attack on Hindutva baiters , Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has exhorted the society to "recognise" all such elements and challenged those who have triggered a "controversy" by differentiating between Hindutva and development.

Narendra Modi has challenged Hindu baiters to a debate "It is high time that we recognise these elements, who do not miss a single opportunity to criticise this rich tradition of the country. The nation's society, which has inculcated Hindutva as a way of life, has never been intolerant and narrow-minded", Modi said, addressing a function of Pushtimargiya sect at Vallabh Vidyanagar town of Anand district yesterday.

Asserting that "Hindutva" has never waged a war against humanity, Modi said it was the path of devotion adopted by Hindu saints and acharayas, which became a backbone for freedom movement in the country. "Our country has witnessed a cultural invasion by apostates and freedom struggle in two phases during last 400 years. Yet Hindu saints were determined not to let the true values and principles of our culture slip into oblivion", the chief minister added.

Dismissing as "illusion" the belief that people of country are "rigid" about religion , Modi said it is only the Hindu in entire world, who can "never ever" differentiate between Gods. "I throw a challenge for debate against all those people who have sparked a controversy by advocating that Hindutva and development cannot go together," he said.

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