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Beware of Kuldip Nayyar

Beware of Kuldip Nayyar

Author: Feroz Afridi
Publication: pakhtu@yahoogroups.com
Date: December 11, 2003

Kuldip Nayyar is a prominent journalist of India. He has been Indian High Commissioner in the UK, and so is associated with Indian government. He is welcome to visit Pakistan and also write for our papers, and project the views of his government. We on our part should keep in mind, that we should not interact so much with the learned former diplomat as to provide him with opportunity to paint an ominous and bad picture of Pakistan or its stand or distort the views of our people on various issues.

We must keep in mind that the Indians paint a very pretty and magnificent picture of India to create inferiority complex in us. They misrepresent our views and twist the same to suit their policies.

Nayyar misused friendship of Mushahid Hussain when he was editor of The Muslim, and used him to meet Dr Abdul Qadir at his house. He later misrepresented his views about our atomic programme as a result of which Americans reclamped sanctions against Pakistan. Similarly, he misused his meeting with Bhutto at Shimla and later misrepresented him to say that he was in favour of partition of Kashmir as per LoC. We must be cautious and guard against our national interests when we are close to such people.

Is there any Pakistani journalist having unlimited access to Indian media, policymakers, and other dignitaries, writing for Pakistan against Indian views in Indian's top national papers as Kuldip Nayyar has in Pakistan?

Kh Muhammad Bashir Butt,


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