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Pseudo-secularism: Vijay Tendulkar's death wish for Narendra Modi

Pseudo-secularism: Vijay Tendulkar's death wish for Narendra Modi

Author: Vishal Sharma

The recent statement by acclaimed writer Vijay Tendulkar, that he would shoot the Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi, if he had a gun, indicates just how much the pseudo-secularist elements in India are convinced that Modi is to be blamed for Gujarat riots, conveniently forgetting the carnage in Godhra that preceded the riots. As per the reports of a leading English daily, when asked by a student what would he do, if he were given a pistol, Tendulkar is reportedly to have said, "Even society praises a man who kills someone, who has destroyed the lives of hundreds of people. This is a crime and death by hanging should be final punishment. The list of those I want to kill is very long, but I will shoot Modi, if I'm given a pistol."

What did Narendra Modi do, to deserve the punishment of death by such people? Did the Narendra Modi government not call the Indian Army within sixteen hours of the first sign of riots breaking out? The Indian Army at that time was in a state of red alert on the International border with Pakistan, in lieu of the December 13th Islamic terrorist attacks on the Indian Parliament. The Army cannot just be removed from the border with Pakistan and be stationed in a situation to deal with internal unrest, and yet within just sixteen hours army units were air-lifted and brought to Gujarat. This was the fastest reaction by any government in Indian history, while dealing with riot situations.

Did the Narendra Modi government not initiate preventive arrests of over thirty-three thousand people across the state of Gujarat? Which government on this planet has initiated such a mammoth task of arresting its own people in such huge numbers even before a crime was committed? Did the Narendra Modi government not fire over twelve thousand rounds of bullets for riot control, and over fifteen thousands rounds of tear gas shells? About two hundred people were shot dead by the police to control the frenzied crowds. It was the largest killing of people in a non-war situation by a police force in the world for riots' control. Over four thousand indictments have been registered. Do the likes of Vijay Tendulkar expect Narendra Modi to be a superman and prevent assault on each and every Muslim citizen, when there was a huge out flow of public anger?

Sadly, Vijay Tendulkar is not the only intellect that feels so strongly about Narendra Modi. The disease of pseudo-secularism has crept in the very self of Indian society. In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, there has been a systematic ethnic cleansing of Hindus from the valley in the name of religious terrorism. Hindus have become refugees in their own land. People are being killed by Islamic militants from Pakistan just because they belong to the Hindu way of life. Does this not pain people like Vijay Tendulkar, and his likes? Do the perpetrators of this type of genocide not deserve the death penalty, much before an innocent man like Narendra Modi is unilaterally judged and proclaimed guilty by Vijay Tendulkar and his lies, and condemned to death by shooting?

Day in and day out, innocent Israeli civilians are systematically being targeted by the suicide bomber producing factories of Palestine, all in the name of Jehad. Do the founders of such terrorist producing factories not deserve capital punishment before Vijay Tendulkar opens his mouth and vents fire at Modi? Maybe Vijay Tendulkar has forgotten the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Bali, Mumbai or Istanbul mass bombings and killings of innocent civilians all in the name of Islamic Jihad, by the likes of Osama Bin Laden, the ISI, and other jihadi forces. May be Osama Bin Laden is judged less guilty, and Modi is hated.

If Vijay Tendulkar wants to shoot so many people, he should consider volunteering for the Indian Army and be stationed on the borders with Pakistan, and let him satisfy his desire to shoot, albeit in the service of India, and at the terrorists. Shooting unwanted verbal expletives and creating headlines should be condemned. We are sick of such people, and of such writers who raise irresponsible statements, and get away with it. The law must take such statements into account and pass exemplary reprimand to dissuade any future such verbal indulgences aimed at creating hype, and communal tensions. As S.K. Modi author of the book "Godhra: The missing rage" has to aptly put it and called such a group as the "Booker Brotherhood".

Pseudo-secularists would deride any person who openly stands for Hindu rights. The bane of Indian democracy has sadly been the rise of coming into prominence of such elements, which have in the name of a perverted interpretation of secularism given rise to a self-defeating view point - anything pro-Hindu is bad. Therefore, the only mistake that Modi made was to denounce the killings of the Hindus at Godhra and reason the subsequent riots to be Godhra's aftermath. An analysis that saw the initial perpetrators being local Muslim miscreants is not acceptable to the pseudo-secularists and they have since then initiated an anti-Modi campaign. Maybe they don't like Modi, maybe they don't like the way he talks, maybe they don't like that stoic, emotionless way he projects himself, maybe they don't like his beard, but then who cares? The people of Gujarat, who matter, like him, and vote for him. This is democracy and the voice of the many reigns supreme over the voice of the miniscule few armchair critics.

One never knew that an acclaimed writer of Vijay Tendulkar's repute had such an intense desire to take another human being's life. One never knew that he cherished a desire to kill many a people, and kindled such hatred for the Chief Minister of Gujarat. The inner person of Vijay Tendulkar frightens me, and the logic being used to pronounce a death sentence on Narendra Modi saddens me, not so much for a liking for Modi, but for the simple reason that if the intelligentsia of a nation chooses to blind itself with myopic and polarized views, there is little hope for others. The Indian intelligentsia needs to move with times, and come out of its pseudo-secularist viewpoint, and take stands in sync with the changing times. The sufferings of the Muslims should be condemned but so should the sufferings of the Hindus! If the Gujarat riots are despicable then more so is the Godhra tragedy that sparked off everything. If the demolition of the Babri mosque-structure was a blot on Indianness, then the first act of destroying a Hindu temple in Ayodhya by the Mughal authorities was an insult to each and every Indian, and the continuance of that national shame was a blot on the person of all of India, both Hindu and Muslim. Publicly expressing a desire to shoot Narendra Modi is a cheap way to get publicity, surely writers and intellects, have the capabilities of getting publicity in some other benign way.

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