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Bangalore NGOs hog lion's share of foreign funds

Bangalore NGOs hog lion's share of foreign funds

Author: Nina Benjamin
Publication: Deccan Herald
Date: February 1, 2004
URL: http://www.deccanherald.com/deccanherald/feb012004/i3.asp

A Home Ministry official says most of the NGOs who utilised the funds have not been able to make a difference to the lives of those for whom the funds are meant.

As many 618 Banglore-based Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) received a whopping Rs 362.2 crore funds from foreign agencies during 2001-02, according to the Union Home Ministry's latest annual Foreign Inward Remittance Report. Among the cities in India, Bangalore tops the list of recipients, followed by Chennai with Rs 313.6 crore and Mumbai with Rs 298 crore. Christian organisations are the largest beneficiaries of this foreign funding.

As many as 1,192 NGOs in Karnataka, registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act-1976 (FCRA), received Rs 534 crore from foreign funding agencies during 2001-02 while the tally for the previous year was Rs 486 crore. Of this amount, Christian NGOs alone received Rs 471 crores. The Protestant groups received Rs 288 crores and Catholics Rs 183 crore. Hindus, Muslims and others together got only Rs 63 crores.

According to the Home Ministry sources in New Delhi, the following NGOs are some of the major beneficiaries of foreign funding in Bangalore during 2001-02: Church's Concern for Child and Youth Care (CCCYC) Rs 30 crore, Campus Crusade for Christ Rs 24 crore., Mysore Resettlement and Develoment Agency (MYRADA) Rs 17.5 crore., Indian Society of Church of Christ Rs 14.5 crore., Habitat for Humanity in India Rs 5.7 crore, Christian Church in India Rs 4.5 crore, Bridge Foundation Rs 4.5 crore, Karnataka Jesuit Education Rs 4.2 crore, and Veda Vigyan Vidya Pita Rs 4 crore. Others included: Outreach Rs 3.8 crore., Samuha Rs 3.7 crore, Humanistic Inst Rs 3.6 crore, Biblical Baptist Institutions Incorp Rs 3.5 crore, and Bangalore Rural Education and Development Society Rs 3 crore.

While Helping Hand Welfare Society of the Seventh Day Adventists received Rs 2.8 crore, Precious Blood Ministries, Partners in Child Development and "Search" received Rs 2.5 crore each. SAIACS, Stewards Association and Southern Asia Bible College got Rs 2 crore each. ACTS Ministries, Oasis India and Eternal Ministries received Rs 1.65 crore, Rs 1.5 crore and Rs 1.3 crore respectively. South India Baptist College, Ceylon and India General Mission and India Mission Association received Rs 1.25 crore each.


Delhi Rs 794.4 crore
Tamil Nadu Rs 695.5 crore
AP Rs 559.6 crore
Karnataka Rs 534.0 crore

Bangalore Rs 362.2 crore
Chennai Rs 313.6 crore
Mumbai Rs 298.0 crore

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