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Kashmir terrorists get $7 million a year!

Kashmir terrorists get $7 million a year!

Publication: Sify News
Date: February 23, 2004
URL: http://headlines.sify.com/2927news2.html?headline=Kashmir~terrorists~get~$7~million~a~year!

Islamic terror groups in Kashmir are getting seven million dollars a year to keep alive a 15-year insurgency there, a media report said Sunday.

The estimate includes salaries, compensation to families of slain rebels, payments to guides and clothing allowances for militants, The Times of India newspaper said, quoting unnamed intelligence sources. The report said the figure does not include 'special incentives' for 'fidayeen' or suicide attacks, killing of leaders or top army personnel, or missions of key importance to the groups.

The intelligence sources said most of the funds originated in Pakistan, through its military Inter-Services-Intelligence and various charities.

India has repeatedly accused Pakistan of training, arming and funding the revolt in Kashmir, a charge Islamabad denies.

The report comes after nuclear rivals India and Pakistan announced a "basic roadmap" for peace last week aimed at ending over five decades of hostility over divided Kashmir, which has triggered two of their three wars.

Other sources of funds included the Rabita-e-Alam-e-Islami of Saudi Arabia, the British-based World Kashmir Freedom Movement and Friends of Kashmir, and the Kashmir American Council and the Kashmir Study Group - both based in the United States, the newspaper said.

More than 40,000 people have died in Kashmir since terrorism erupted in 1989, according to officials. Unofficial sources put the toll between 80,000 and 100,000.

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