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The Growing Israeli-Arab Threat

The Growing Israeli-Arab Threat

Publication: IsraelNationalNews
Date: February 9, 2004
URL: www.israelnn.com/news.php3?id=57563

Dr. David Bukay of Haifa University's Political Science Department was asked on Arutz-7 today his opinion of the growing phenomenon of Israeli-Arab terrorist cells. "It's no longer a matter of 'wild weeds,'" he said this morning, after the sixth such cell in a year was uncovered yesterday, "but rather a common phenomenon. Hizbullah is the new big leader, starting with Israel's retreat from Lebanon, and now Balad and Islamic Jihad are now blatantly Hizbullah movements."

Balad, it should be noted, is an Israeli political party with three Knesset Members - two of whose leading members were arrested yesterday on suspicion of plotting to build a Hizbullah-funded terrorist infrastructure in Israel. "It's clear," Bukay continued, "that [Hizbullah leader] Nasrallah wants to turn Lebanon into a Shiite state like Iran, and, of course, to march on Jerusalem and destroy Israel. He is building his arsenals and capabilities towards this goal, and we have to be blind not to see this. Nasrallah has been proven to be right in telling the Arab world that the way to defeat Israel is by force, as was proven in our withdrawal."

Asked about the phenomenon of the Israeli-Arab political parties, Bukay said, "Balad should be outlawed, but not because of the latest incident. We are the only democracy in the world with Arab religious sectarian parties that all identify themselves as Palestinian. This is insane. There are three Arab parties in the Knesset, all working with different strategies to destroy the State of Israel. Such a phenomenon is unheard of in other Western countries."

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