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The era of National Self-Assertion

The era of National Self-Assertion

Author: Raghav Mittal

There has been a lot of hulla-gulla over the "infamous" India Shining Campaign, with allegations and counter-allegations made from various quarters. It has been rendered to be a politically motivated campaign targetted at the forthcoming elections ,so on and so forth. Whatever may be the objective behind the veils, but one thing is for certain. This campaign was an indication of National Self-assertion. It might be for the very first time after a hoary and calamity ridden history of a millenia, that the entire nation is reverberating with the feeling of self-assertion. After those centuries of turmoil and subjugation, the Indian psyche is coming to the forefront. We are no longer feeling lesser than anyone on this planet. It might be the arrangement of the providence that whatsoever incidents which took place within the last half a decade really took off the self-deprecating attitude and mental making of the Indians. But it is equally true that providence supports only the enterprising and the daring. The current government should be congratulated for its dynamic and daring role.

Starting from the pokhran tests, we proved to the world that the land of Ashoka and Gandhi should not be taken for granted. We believe in the "ghosha" of "dhamma" but we never forget our great warriors and uphelder of "Dharma" - Rama,Krishna,Arjuna besides the innumerable others. We don't have a poor memory which would forget the dictum of "shatham shaathyam samaacharet". The self-asserted superpowers started sermoning us, teaching us the message of self-restraint. But the process of our re-awakening had started. We didn't give in to those "geedad bhubhkis" and continued our chosen path. Our leadership remembered that an elephant doesn't digress its way just because some street dogs are trying to deter him. We showed to the entire world in very loud and clear terms that India is reviving from her long sleep. This ancient land of rishis, the sages and seers of the highest order hasn't stopped producing the men of mettle and intellect.

We showed our military prowess and depth of valour and courage in the Kargil war. A war which would remain known for its uniqueness. The odds were heavily against us, but the blood of the great warriors , the great kshatriyas which was running in the veins of our soldiers couldn't be detered by any adversity. Our young officers took the lead, inspired their team , sacrificed their lives but brought the glory to the land. Kargil re-asserted that we are not a defeated nation. We still nurture those levels of bravery and courage and have not been pacified by the adversities of even the millennia long political subjugation. We as a civilization have continued till now, and we will for ages to come. We re-asserted this inner and sublime truth in a very robust fashion.

Then came a series of initiatives on the economic front. Our vast intellectual reservoir started fructifying all over the world. These blossomed trees of talent gave this "wounded civilization" yet another feeling , yet another confidence that we are something. Our culture, our values, our heritage, though might seem to be in danger at the surface but we all get nurtured from those deepest ethos. The respect and craving for learning which has been a very unique feature of the Indian mind since ages, proved instrumental in this era of "Knowlegde Economy".

We got yet another fillip to self-assertion, self-pride when a series of initiatives were taken to remove the negationist and self-dilapidating world-view present in our school text books. For decades, the young minds of the nations were nurtured with a sense of pity and defeat towards their own civilization which cannot be considered a conducive approach of education by all rational standards.

All these stray incidents show to a logical mind that we are certainly shining as a nation. The process of national rejenuvation has really taken an accelerated pace and we are definitely heading towards our destiny amidst the comity of the nations. But one front at which we are not shining is surely the political one. The feeling of negationism and self-served opportunism & betrayal hasn't left us. There is a sheer lack of vision and dynamism in a large quarter of our political establishment. Even the pioneering institutions are giving way to hegemony, dynasticism and what not. The still relish and cherish in the national downfall, as it serves well for their vested interests.

We need to mature as a polity. We should learn to take pride in the national resurgence and give way to positive and dynamic constructions. Instead of totally declining the national upheaval, we could have taken a positive approach and brought to the surface our own contributions which led to this state of national self-assertion. We could have claimed that we would be more instrumental in the times to come to take the nation to further heights.

The days of self-denigrating approaches are gone. We become what we think of our own. If we think of ourselves degraded, we would continue to be degraded for ages. We have to shed-off the age old veil of self-defeating notions and march on forward and forward to further heights of national glory.

India has started shining and it will continue to be, irrespective of the political stewardship as of now. The national psyche is reawakening towards a Second Indian National movement. A movement which would put the national psyche back on the tracks of the national destiny. India has had a definite and particular role to play over the ages. Her destiny is to reinforce that national mission with its full vigour and dyanmism.

The short spell of sleep after the first national movement has ended and we as a nation have started realising that constant endeavours are a must to save our freedom, our glory and our endeavour towards perfection, towards a "samartha and prabuddha bharat", a "jagadguru bharat". Let's shed off all the cynicism and get ready for the rebirth of a India of the dreams of Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Netaji Subhas Bose, Bapu, Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore and the innumerable others.


Raghav Mittal
V year , Dual Degree ,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
IIT Kharagpur , India

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