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Jha told to make JP film pro-Emergency

Jha told to make JP film pro-Emergency

Author: Upala KBR
Publication: Mid-Day
Date: October 14, 2004
URL: http://ww1.mid-day.com/entertainment/news/2004/october/94707.htm

It is not the first time that the state has attempted to subvert an artist's creative endeavour. This time the players are filmmaker Prakash Jha and Prasar Bharati.

Jha's bio-epic on Jaya Prakash Narayan, Lok Nayak Jai Prakash, is in the eye of a storm. The film was to be aired on October 11, JP's birthday.

Yesterday Jha received a letter from Raj Shekhar Vyas, director of programmes, Prasar Bharati Corporation, stating a ban on its telecast till the filmmaker makes a "balanced representation of events surrounding the Emergency" in the film. K S Sharma, CEO of Prasar Bharati Corporation, cleared the film in July this year.

Says a livid Jha: "Now that the government at the Centre has changed, they want me to make it a pro-Emergency film.

They are actually asking me to justify the Emergency. But I will not change my film. If they feel the need to make any change let them mutilate it. This is an assault on my creative sensibilities and judgment!

Am I making a film on Jaya Prakash Narayan or the Emergency? They are asking me to show that the Emergency was right and JP was wrong. One government goes and another comes, but where does our own commitment to truth and history lie?"

DD has emphasised that the filmmaker project the "need to impose Emergency" and "bring out its counterpoint".

"They want me to distort history to satisfy their masters, the Congress government. But I have not put words into people's mouths. I have portrayed the truth," says the filmmaker.

He is irked at being asked to flesh out "recollections of those in close touch with JP, like Dr J K Jain, who was his personal physician for 40 years.

"Who is Dr Jain?" says Jha. "He is the owner of Jain TV and not significant. He is a broker for the Congress and is peeved at not being included in the film."

Prasar Bharati wants these frames removed:

* Tanashahi Ka Shikar Hua
* Indira Hatao slogan
* Sanjay Gandhi had a motive
* Jail Mein Kyon Maren, Bahar Maren
* Tanashahiwala Rajya Nahi Chalega
* Indiraji Ne JP Ke Saath Jo Zyadti Ki

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