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Statement of RSS on Kanchi Swami Arrest

Statement of RSS on Kanchi Swami Arrest

Statement of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh  (RSS) By Sri RVS Marimuthu,  State President of RSS, Tamil Nadu

The RSS condemns unequivocally the arrest of Sri. Jayendra Saraswathi  Swamigal. Considering that Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal is a well  known personality, being the head of an ancient & revered Mutt, there  is no question of his avoiding or evading the process of law. Also  because of the fact that the Kanchi Sankara Mutt is a highly  respected institution, the RSS views the arrest as an extreme  measure. Further millions of devotees belonging to different strata  of  the Hindu society from all over the world are deeply shocked and  hurt by this highly questionable action.

The RSS therefore demands that respecting the feelings of millions of  Hindus  the Tamil Nadu Government should forthwith ensure his  release. The RSS also appeals to the government to ensure that normal  religious rituals including puja at the  Mutt go on uninterrupted and  the premises, properties and the devotees of the Mutt are protected  against disturbance by anti social elements.

The RSS also appeals to the Hindu society, and the Hindu  organizations and institutions to stand by the Kanchi Mutt which was  headed by one of the greatest saints of the last century, the late  Sri Paramacharya till 1994 and help the great institution to over  come this crisis and challenge. The RSS further appeals to the Hindu  society, Mutts, Thiru Adheenams and other institutions to hold prayer  meetings to build the confidence of the Hindu society in the hour of  crisis.

Issued by Tamil Nadu State RSS head quarters.

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