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False Allegation about Kanchi seer Nepal fly

False Allegation about Kanchi seer Nepal fly

Publication: Media Centre, Chennai
Date: November 22, 2004

There was an allegation that Sankaracharaya is likely to flee to Nepal,  and he is making arrangements to leave India from Pune by special  aircraft. In this context, the procedure that should be followed towards  take off any private aircraft is as follows:

a) Prior permission should be obtained from Air Trarric Control  (ATC) for any proposed take off of any private aircraft.

b) Prior permission should be obtained from Defence Authorities for  any such takeoff of private aircraft.

The reasons for the above mentioned clearance is to ensure that there is  free air traffic and to check the security and other agencies, regarding  the passenger of such aircraft and the destination where it reaches. If  such permission was not obtained such aircraft would be bought down  forcefully or shot down by the military person.

No such permission was sought for from any quarters and the Pune police  was not informed of this fact or neither any permission was sought for  for such proposed fly over to Nepal from Pune before the concerned  authorities.

There is an allegation by the Prosecution that Swamyji was preparing to  flee to Nepal from Pune as stated by the public prosecutor in the  court..  In this context the Tamilnadu Police should have sought  information from the Pune police whether such information is true. The  statement made by the Pune Commissioner Mr D.N.Jadhav that the Pune  Police have no idea whatsoever about any probable plan of the Swamyji  about the escape to Nepal and that no police quarter from Tamilnadu ever  visited Pune in this regard would show that the police is only trying to  the pre-judice the mind of the public and the Court to scuttle the moves  of Swamyji from getting bail.

This statement was made by Mr. D.N.Jadhav, Commissioner of Police, Pune  in an English Daily namely The Hitavada on 18th November, 2004.

But it is evident that the public prosecutor by making such statement  before the court really prejudice the mind of the court not only in the  matter relating to the grant of bail but also prevented the court from  taking a sympathetic view by lodging the swamyji in a guest house.

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