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A hostile establishment: Helpless Hindu

A hostile establishment: Helpless Hindu

Author: A. Sadananda Pai
Publication: Organiser
Date: December 5, 2004
URL: http://www.organiser.org/dynamic/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=53&page=35

In India, the ancient land of the Hindus, 80 per cent of the population is Hindu. Our peaceful life of millenniums was disturbed by foreign invasions. Unlike the Huns, Sakas, etc., the waves of Islamic onslaughts could neither be thwarted nor the invaders be absorbed by us due to their strong religious identity, well-knit organisation and their military might developed by conquering countries enroute to Bharat and also their merciless and cruel disposition towards adversaries. The small principalities along our borders were unable to resist the continued invasions. In due course, the invaders established empires and sultanates throughout Hindustan, converting many of our ancestors (which continues even today) and committing other atrocities till ultimately Pakistan was carved out of Bharat.

The invaders from the West, especially the British, who entered in the garb of traders, slowly but steadily took advantage of the quarrels among the native rulers and usurped about two-thirds of our land, keeping all native rulers under their thumb till Independence. Christian missionaries who closely followed them converted the gullible Hindus by adopting dubious means which continues even today.

The cumulative effect of all these was our slavery for a thousand years. Consequently, we lost our national pride, forgot our brilliant history and noble culture and fell into atmavismriti. In addition, the type of education imparted by the British successfully created (is creating even now) seculars who play the Trojan horse. Whenever they hear the word 'Hindu', they instantly rush out of their holes and loudly abuse Hindus from housetops. Everybody who smacked power kicked us around without facing any resistance. We, the Hindus, have always been at the receiving end even after Independence, because of our atmavismriti. A few examples from recent history will prove this.

* During the early 1920s when the Khilafat agitation of the Muslims supported by Gandhi, failed, they turned violent and attacked the Hindus in Malabar (not against British) who had caused no harm to them and led to immense destruction, conversion, etc. Gandhiji watched this helplessly. Thus the innocent Hindus fell prey to these minority marauders.

* In 1946, in order to hasten the creation of Pakistan, M.A. Jinnah held the country to ransom by giving the notorious call for 'direct action' resulting in butchering of thousands of innocent Hindus on the streets of Calcutta and Bombay-a genocide of the majority by the organised minority. What a paradox, only in Hindu India such a thing could happen.

* In the early 1950s, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's book Four Greats, originally published in the West, allegedly contained an objectionable sentence pertaining to Prophet Mohammed. The protesting Muslims in UP and some other places went on a rampage, attacking the Hindus and their properties. An apology from Dr K.M. Munshi, chief of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, came out immediately and all copies of the book were withdrawn. But the damage to life and property of innocent Hindus had been immense as caused by the fanatic minorities.

* A few years ago, against an American evangelist's unpalatable remarks about the Prophet in his telecast in USA, Muslims in some parts of Maharashtra turned violent, attacked Hindus and their properties. No apology was tendered by the Christian organisations. Thus, for a wrong committed by a Christian in a foreign country, Hindus in India were at the receiving end of the so-called minorities.

* About one to one-and-a-half decades ago, an English daily in Bangalore published a short story. The remark made about the hero Mohammed in the end was sufficient for a Muslim politician to let loose his goons on the newspaper office and who also attacked Hindus and their properties. The irony was that earlier the original story in Malayalam was very much appreciated in Kerala.

* In many places during the annual Ganesha festival, processions are attacked causing death and destruction of Hindus in its wake. Similar is the case with the famous annual Jagannath Rath Yatra in Ahmedabad (Gujarat). It would appear that barring the minorities, Hindus have no right at all to take out religious processions.

* When Iraq was attacked twice by the USA, both times the Muslims in our country made a hero of Saddam Hussain, carried out agitations and destroyed public property.

* Latest in the series is the notorious Marad carnage in Kerala, where nine innocent Hindu fishermen, taking rest on the beach, were mercilessly butchered by scores of Muslims. The list is not exhaustive. The Hindus are being attacked by organised minorities under some pretext or the other to keep them always under threat, fear and a feeling of helplessness. Being disorganised, meek and tolerant, the Hindu majority becomes an easy target to these atrocities.

At times when the beleaguered Hindus attempt to close their ranks and retaliate, the police takes them into custody. In addition, the whole gang of mediamen and 'seculars' raise a hue and cry more than the minorities themselves, as if the latter are not safe and secure here; they even propagate this the world over. It is apparent that Hindus consistently refuse to learn lessons from past experience.

There are no Maharajas as of now to protect the Dharma. This job has fallen on every Hindu's shoulders. When the Muslims come together five times a day for prayer, an enormous feeling of unity, fraternity and mutual confidence is created among them. The Hindus overlook this fact and do not come together even once a day. Instead, they always think through the biased minds of their caste and community and not in terms of being Hindu. The day they come together at least once daily on purpose and feel the blessings of unity and strength, the situation would change for the better and they would be able to live in peace and honour in their own and only motherland.

(The writer can be contacted at No. 45/1, G. Block, Sahakaranagar, Bangalore-560 092.)

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