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Pak jihadis impart lessons to specifically target Hindus

Pak jihadis impart lessons to specifically target Hindus

Author: ANI
Publication: The New Indian Express
Date: December 1, 2004
URL: http://www.newindpress.com/Newsitems.asp?ID=IEH20041130113230&Title=Top+Stories&Topic=-100&ISLAMABAD:~After~spewing~venom~on~the~Americans~and~the~infidels~for~their~so-called~attacks~on~Islam,~jihadis~in~Pakistan~are~now~imparting~

After spewing venom on the Americans and the infidels for their so-called attacks on Islam, jihadis in Pakistan are now imparting "violent lessons" aimed at targeting Hindus.

The Daily Times quoted a report in the Chicago Tribune as saying that not only were the madrassas functioning in a clandestine manner as "secretive" religious schools and espousing jihad or holy war but, was also imparting "violent lessons" targeting Hindus.

The report further states that these schools which were under the control of politically powerful clerics and advocating conservative Islam coupled with religious intolerance, were glorifying Osama bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar and the Taliban's efforts to establish a puritan Islamic state based on the Sharia in Afghanistan.

The aspect of jihad has so much permeated into Pakistani civil society that even public schools in Pakistan are imparting lessons in jihad. Several schools have distributed curriculum instructing teachers or educators to teach that not only is the Kashmir dispute legitimate, even fighting India is a religious duty.

Even students themselves are so taken in by this rhetoric that some have even decided taking up jihad as a professional career.

In public schools in Karachi, children as young as 5th graders still learn about the "glories of jihad and martyrdom in textbooks the government approves." One 9th-grade student even dreamed of going to fight in a jihad upon growing up provided he got his mother's blessings.

Educational experts opine that the appointment of a former leader of the country's intelligence, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) as Pakistan's new head of the Education Ministry has rather than anything else, only compounded the problem.

They further added that even when the government removed some jihadi language from textbooks and issued new textbooks, the truth was, that to placate the clerics, the government this time round, at least in one textbook devoted an entire chapter to jihad, which "read like a lesson on jihad from the literature of banned militant groups."

"If you look at Pakistan's educational system, it encourages you to fight in jihad. It glorifies the military. It imbibes the student with the philosophy of martyrdom and jihad. The new head of the Education Ministry is a former leader of the Inter-Services Intelligence, the feared intelligence agency in Pakistan that maintains strong ties to militant clerics.

He has no experience in education," the paper quoted Dr A H Nayyar, an educational expert as saying.

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