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10-minute therapist

10-minute therapist

Author: Neha Sharma
Publication: The Asian Age
URL: http://www.asianage.com/main.asp?layout=2&cat1=116&cat2=117&newsid=156585&RF=DefaultMain

Serious patients of slip disc, spondylitis and cervical can get cured in 10 minutes during a yoga shivir, by an expert," read the pamphlet, circulated a few days ago in the capital. A usual stuff except for the fact that the treatment boasted of a scientific approach to be practiced by a trained doctor.

The man behind the show was Swami Gyan Vijay, an MBBS from Patna Medical College. "Even after acquiring an MBBS degree, I was not quite satisfied. Though I have full faith in allopathy there was something that drew me away from it. May be it was my own illness which could not be treated by it. I was a serious patient of sinusitis," he says.

The doctor then came in contact with Guru Paramhans Satyanand Saraswati, a yoga expert. "He promised to cure me in five days. I was skeptical about his assurance, but gradually started feeling the difference. The process impressed me and I joined Bihar School of Yoga (BSY), where I studied for 12 years," adds Swami Gyan Vijay.

Though the treatment is an amalgam of yogik body postures and acupressure, Swami Gyan Vijay did not learn the therapy at BSY. It happened to him by coincidence. He reveals, "I was on a trekking trip with some friends. When we were crossing the Milam glacier near Munsiyari, I slipped and injured my back. I became immobile and suffered acute pain. A sadhu noticed me and offered help. He pushed my leg and waist in a particular direction and applied force on specific points. It was a case of slip disc. Being a doctor I understood the technique and after a few minutes I was perfectly fine. He then described the entire process."

Swami Gyan Vijay has been practicing the treatment for more than a decade and has successfully treated around 10,000 people. His first patient was a 38-year-old businessman suffering from acute back pain. "Naresh Patel was attending our yoga sessions in London to cure his backache. The asanas were healing but gave temporary relief. I was in a dilemma about applying the therapy, as even a little extra pressure could lead to paralysis. But still I decided to give him the treatment and he was cured," explains Swami Gyan Vijay.

Each successive patient gave him confidence but he wanted authentication and surety. He shares, "I was surprised with the results. I decided to maintain a record of reports, X-rays and MRIs of my patients before and after the therapy and the difference was visible."

Another thing that prompted him to study the medical history of the patient was the case of a middle-aged woman who was suffering from orthopedic problem.

"Initially, I followed the process as suggested by the sadhu. According to this procedure, slip disc is detected by the difference in the length of the thumbs of the feet while a variation between the thumbs of the hands indicate spondylitis," explains Swami Gyan Vijay. Once a woman with spondylitis approached him. "During the treatment when I exerted pressure on some points on her lower back, she screamed in pain. I recommended an immediate X-ray. It was found that she was also suffering from osteoporosis, which had degenerated her bones and the extra pressure had led to a hairline fracture. I then decided not to treat any patient without studying his past medical records," he says.

"The only prerequisite for the cure is that the patient should not be paralysed. The problem of slip disc or spondylitis is the result of suppression or blockage in the nervous system. The joint in the pelvis region has certain points by pressing which the face of the vertebra opens up. After identifying the affected area, pressure is exerted and the body is set in particular asanas. As a result, the compression gets released and the disc comes to its normal position," explains the swami.

Howsoever scientific the process may be, the words of a man clad in a saffron choga, with a rudraksh mala, are not easily accepted. And the case of Swami Gyan Vijay was no different. He had to perform several live demonstrations amid huge gatherings to prove his skills.

He informs, "People consider it to be some kind of hypnotism or black magic. It is hard to convince them that the therapy is nothing but pure science. During a seminar of Indian Medical Association at Bareily, where I was invited to deliver a lecture on the therapy, some doctors refused to buy the idea. I called for any three persons from the crowd suffering from either spondylitis or slip disc and cured them on the stage within 10 to 15 minutes. Moved by the results, even those doctors started sending their patients to my ashram at Kathgodam."

The list of patients cured by Swami Gyan Vijay includes people from all walks of life including doctors, journalists, photographers and orthopaedic surgeons. He has even cured cases already refused by the doctors. He recalls, "The most challenging case was that of Belgian woman, Naitini, who was on the last stage of lung fibrosis. Her oxygen level, which ideally should not fall below 97 to 98 points, had dropped down to 50 points. She was cured and survived for 13 years after the treatment. Naitini died due to heart attack."

A social worker and a yoga expert, Swami Gyan Vijay runs an ashram in Kathgodam which also serves as a charitable centre for widows and orphans. "People who come for treatment to the ashram pay according to their financial status. Usually, treatments are given during camps sponsored by organisers," he says.

His yoga camps are extensively telecast on Sadhna channel. "We came to know about Swamiji through a family friend a few years back. We tried his therapies, since then we have been organising his camps. A camp in Jamshedpur has already been scheduled and the one to be held in Switzerland is in the pipeline," informs Rakesh Gupta, managing director, Sadhna channel.

Swami Gyan Vijay also treats diabetes, blood pressure, migraine, asthma and arthritis.

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