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We're here to withness a success story: Nokia boss

We're here to withness a success story: Nokia boss

Author: Sanjay Anand
Publication: The Times of India
Date: May 12, 2005

He carries four Nokia mobile phones with him. One he uses for checking e-mails and another to watch news broadcasts. The other two are either prototypes or fairly new. And the first thing he asks is, "Do you use our Nokia phones?". If you don't and try to be polite, and say that you're planning to buy one, his prompt reply is, "Good. Good planning is the basis for everything."

Well, that's Jorma Ollila, chairman of Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer that churns out about 40 new models a year. Last year, the company sold over 200 million handsets. Looking ahead, Ollila is busy pushing handsets as well as network equipment for 3G cellular technology, which allows mobile subscribers to access heavy data files and video at very high speed.

But that's not letting the company take its eyes off the world's fastest growing mobile markets like India, China, Russia and Brazil that require entry and mid-level handsets in millions. Nokia forecast that this year 740 million cellphones will be sold, up 15% from 2004. "That is a tremendous growth ... and a lion's share of that growth will come from emerging markets like India, China, Russia and Brazil."

And so important is India for Nokia that the entire external board is meeting in New Delhi to discuss its strategy "We chose India for our offsite this year, because so much is happening here. It's a country where we have made a lot of progress. So, it's very nice to come here with external board and hold a strategic meeting," he said.

Over 50 countries are already hooked on to the 3G networks. India is yet to finalise plans for 3G. Telecom regulator Trai is about to finalise recommendations for the spectrum policy.

So, what will Ollila tell the government officials he is slated to meet on various issues before the cellular industry "I do not come with a wish-list. That's not why our hoard is here. It is here to witness a success story"

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