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Appeasing the League

Appeasing the League

Author: PK Narayana Panikker ,General Secretary, NSS
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: May 21, 2005

Nair Service Society (NSS) will oppose any move to rake up the Narendran Commission report because such actions, under political compulsions, will result in the revival of divisive and communal tendencies in society. We strongly suspect that the current move is enacted under the pressure of the Muslim League.

A Writ Petition is still pending before the Supreme Court (958/2000), questioning the constitution of the first Narendran Commission. No government could perpetuate reservation without removing the creamy layer. When the then UDF government brought in an Act in 1995 declaring that there was no creamy layer in the state, the NSS had approached the apex court, which struck down the Act. It was to circumvent this situation that the next LDF government constituted the Narendran panel.

It is in the light of the panel's report that the state government fixed the income ceiling at Rs 2.50 lakh, which do not include incomes other than salary. This went against the recommendations of the Supreme Court-appointed Commission, which included both salary and income other than salary for arriving at a ceiling for inclusion in the creamy layer. The recommendation of the Narendran panel, which excluded non-salary income from consideration, would only help the moneyed class to corner all the advantages under the twin benefits of reservation nder "backward" and "minority" status. The present report, which is being taken up for discussion, is one that goes against law and justice and which remains contested before the apex court.

The ruling UDF is succumbing to the pressure tactics of the IUML just for the sake of completing its term. The interests of the League do not reflect the interests of the Muslim community in general. The allegation that the NSS-SNDP tie-up is against any particular community is baseless. Both organisations oppose the self-centred politics of the Muslim League, and this view should not be misinterpreted as anti-Muslim. There are enough indicators that the government is clearly pushing the agenda of the Muslim League at the cost of the majority community. In a democracy, it is the duty of the elected government not to give undue favours to a specific organisation or community. The NSS is primarily opposed to such double standards taken by a democratically-elected government.

The soft stand adopted by UDF MLAs in the Assembly towards the IUML demand to implement the Narendran Commission report was testimony to the Chandy government's tactics to stick to power at any cost. The NSS had written to all MLAs, ministers and the then chief minister, on June 30, 2004, to explain its position on the Narendran Commission. The NSS would move forward to take up any challenge in this regard, and then the ruling dispensation will be solely responsible.

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