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Attack in Nanoor

Attack in Nanoor

Author: Editorial
Publication: The statesman
Date: May 2005
URL: http://www.thestatesman.net/page.news.php?clid=3&theme=&usrsess=1&id=77530

Sabotaging due processes of law

[Note from the Hindu Vivek Kendra:  Here are cases where people are killed in groups, even by burning them alive.  And the culprits are not prosecuted for the simple reason that they are Marxists.  But does the secular media want to make any song and dance on this issue?  Do the NGOs who are so vociferous in case of Gujarat want to take up the case of the victims here?  They do not because that would go against the practice of secularism in India.  If such a thing had happened in a BJP-ruled state, and even if the culprits had nothing to do with any of the Sangh parivar organisations, it would have been a media (both national and international) jamboree for a few days.]

The sole purpose in attacking the prime witness in the gruesome Nanoor massacre of July 2000 in which 11 Trinamul Congress supporters were slaughtered by armed CPI-M cadres was to shield those responsible and abort their trial, by hook or by crook. The irony is that although five years have elapsed since the occurrence of the horrendous killings by the Marxists, the trial of their 79 accused comrades has not yet begun. Repeated postponement of hearing (at least seven in the last two years) because of failure of the accused to turn up in court has made the outcome uncertain. There is little doubt that the accused, with full backing of party bigwigs are sabotaging due processes of law. How else do the accused fall sick and get in hospital each time the case is ready for hearing. The attack on the prime witness shows how determined the Marxists are to achieve their desired objective. Earlier they hadthreatened to murder him if he dared to give evidence. The message they seem to convey is that crime pays and nothing else does. Significantly the attack coincided with Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee's campaign in neighbouring Bolpur, his studied refusal to comment on it speaks volumes.

Alimuddin Street does not want any hearings. Those slaughtered in Nanoor were poor landless Muslim agricultural labourers whom the current Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Somnath Chatterjee, has branded as hired goons, dacoits and dreaded anti-socials, in a bid to stonewall the criticism. What is happening is nothing new. Marxists have a shameful and devious record in covering their bloody tracks. Despite knowing well those responsible for burning alive 12 Ananda Margis in Bijan Setu in 1982 they did nothing to bring them to justice. Subsequently at Chhota Angaria in West Midnapore not even a case was registered although seven Trinamul Congress supporters were burnt alive and the CBI found enough evidence of this in investigations. In the Nanoor case also, Marxists think they will get away. Obviously they don't believe in the old adage: as you sow, so you reap.

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