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No-hassles Delhi a haven for militants

No-hassles Delhi a haven for militants

Author: Chanchal Pal Chaudan
Publication: The Asian Age
Date: July 16, 2005

Delhi is turning out to be a safe haven for militants. More  than 50 militants from different outfits who were killed or arrested  this year found hideouts in Delhi.

Investigations have revealed that the terrorists behind the Ayodhya  attack spent months ion Delhi. The five terrorists, who were shot dead,  rented two different addresses in South Delhi. All five, who used  different false names, spent a many carefree months because the Delhi  police  failed to carry out its tenant verification programme.

A visit to these sites proves they faced no problems  hiring these  premises and meticulously planned the attack with the full support of  their mentors.

Kishangarh village had been home to Yunus. He lived there for 11 months  under the name Anuj and claimed to be a native of Chandigarh. His  single-room  house never caught any attention. The address 95/9, in a  dingy lane, remained dark and gloomy: anuj never entertained anybody.  "He always remained to himself. He never taked, but was always eager to  help us. Flashing his Nokia 3220, he remained glued to the television  and watched all the news. He often copied them in a blue diary and kept  iot close to himself. He never mingled with us, but always asked  questions about the area and natives." Said Jitesh, a neighbour.

However, the second settlement was different. Here, four terrorists  confined themselves to a small dingy room with little ventilation: the  address was  Room No. 32, 558, Bank Colony, Deoli village, south Delhi.  These militants remained here for four months under the  guise of  vegetable traders.

"Three if them used to sell vegetable in the local weekly market as well  as the neighbourhood. They  bought their supplies from Okhia market and  claimed that they had come from Uttar Pradesh to earn a livelihood. They  had left the house a week before the Ayodhya incident claiming they were  returning to their village," said grocer  Ramesh Joshi.

The militants used different PCOs at distant places. They indulged in  traders  that allowed them to conceal their arms and ammunition supplies  (vegetable trading and cloth merchandising). Another point  that never  aroused the suspicion of the local police is that they delayed their  work till late into the night. "Their movements were  mostly at night.  Their lifestyles were normal, but they used to take a recce of the areas  close by and enquired about the movement of the police in the area and  about any checking being carried out," said Tasim,a co-tenant at Deoli  village.

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