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'Is India waiting for more attacks to happen?'

'Is India waiting for more attacks to happen?'

Author: Indiatimes News Network
Publication: The Times of India
Date: October 31, 2005
URL: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/1280615.cms

Is India waiting for some one else to declare Pakistan a terrorist state? The fact of the matter is that India is the country worse hit by terrorism -- sponsored by none other than Pakistan. Over 50,000 people have been killed in terrorist-related violence in India since 1994. Why then should we wait for a declaration to this effect from the US -- and that too, knowing well that for over half a century, successive US governments have supported and sheltered Pakistan to achieve their own ends. Our readers have raised this and several other questions.

Mr V C Bhutani says that it was only post 9/11 that the US felt the need to counter terrorism. Then, Pakistan is supported by the US Congress, the Democratic party, and the US media. Then asks our reader, is the US dumb enough to not realise that a thief cannot be made a watchman?

Another reader, Mr Narender Pendyal, says that Pakistan has already had its Diwali blasts, celebrated the occasion. Mr Leoduman writes that it is a shame that India should offer $25 million to Pakistan -- a country that uses its funds to raise terrorists and send them into India to kill its people.

The sooner we wake, the better it is, says the reader. If we have enough self-respect, we must boycott Pakistan. Writes another reader that India must shut business, seal borders and end talks with Pakistan for Pakistan draws its satisfaction seeing India disintegrate.

Yet another TOI reader lashes out against Pakistan. He says, wake up Manmohan Singh. Give it back to them the same way they have done it to us. For God sake, rise, do it now, for we must save innocent lives.

Readers also opine that statements by successive Indian governments telling Pakistan that India would not tolerate terrorism have been of no use. Can we stay at peace with each other? Is India waiting fot more to happen before the devil Pakistan raises its hood to attack India again?

India must wake up, act for itself. No one else will come and solve out problem. No one at all. Not the US, not China, not anyone.

Another reader wonders that why on earth is India opening the LoC with the devil nation? Pakistan's basic goal is to kill innocent Indians. We don't need such friends. We are better off by ourselves. So are we looking for a friend in Pakistan? Politicians play dirty games. Be it the vocal Advani or off the scene Sonia, they are all busy criticising each other, says a reader, when they should be united to fight the enemies of the country.

Do we not realise that we have been wronged by Pakistan. Another reader opines that India must educate the world about terrorism and lead them to expect a decisive Indo-Pakistan showdown sooner than most of them think.

It is high time we realize that it is foolish to think that Pakistan's military establishment and fundamentalists will ever change their thinking. They are jealous of the progress we have made.

The fact that groups involved in New Delhi blasts still enjoy the support of Pakistan is no secret.

Pakistan is clever. It continues to support terrorism even as it condemns such acts. So are we in India allowing ourselves to be fooled? It is time, we look beyond negotiating table and take some action. Wake up India, writes Navpan. Wake up for us, unite and crush the enemy.

We invite more opinions from our readers on the issue. Please post in your comments.

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