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Grand cow protection meet

Grand cow protection meet

Publication: Organiser
Date: May 13, 2007
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Top Hindu leaders call for ban on cow slaughter

Introduction: Traditional concept of gomala (grazier) is on the verge of diminishing and it should be protected at any cost.
-H.D. Kumaraswamy, Chief Minister, Karnataka

Addressing the valedictory function of the first world conference and festival on Indian breed cattle on April 29, Swami Raghaveshwar Bharathi asserted that valedictory means the beginning for another work. You heard about Shalivahana Shakhe, Vikramaditya Shakhe etc. In the same way this day is the beginning of Gou Shakhe (cow era). We started another campaign from today, that is for cow protection. It is an organisation for cow protection, he said.

More than two crore bullock-carts saved nearly Rs 60,000 crore of energy for the country, but, we are not congratulating them. Instead, only IT, BT professionals are getting lot of appreciation, he lamented. Cows are not asking for wealth from us. They want only painless death. There is a hue and cry for the human rights, but, there is no concern about the life of cattle and we have all become mute spectators about the rights of cow, he lamented. This conference is not against anyone, but for the cow, he added.

Call for cow wealth protection
The world conference on Indian breed cattle ended with advocating strong determination for protecting cow breed while urging the government to enact a stringent law to ban it in the country.

Addressing the valedictory function Udupi Pejavara's Swami Vishwesha Teertha said, cow revolution should take place to fructify green revolution. Seers, government along with public should take step forward for the same. God took rebirth for protecting religion in the last three yugas. But. in Kaliyuga seers who struggle hard for the protection of cows are the godmen, he added. Speaking at the programme Taralabalu Math seer Shivamurthy Shivacharya Swami said, cow does not have any border and belongs to the whole world.

The conference witnessed grand success in all ways. More than 180 seers, 25 scientists from 10 countries, various political leaders belonging to all parties, chief ministers of several states along with more than 15 lakh people actively participated in the nine-day-long conference. More than 50 scientific papers were presented which were related to various aspects of cows. People responded positively for the call of cow protection. Fortunately, for the first time a math from Malnad area witnessed this great event.

India which has a cow-based economic and social system does not have even a single picture of cow in its currency or national flag. But, Nepal depicted cow's picture in its currency. Cow should be a national animal in India. But, instead here cow slaughter continues, said Shri Muzaffer Hussein.

Dr. Rama Srinivasan said, since ancient days cow donation is considered a great donation in India. He added, we have not introduced any subject about the cow in the syllabus properly. As a result, students failed to understand the importance of cow, she lamented. While stressing the importance of ghee G.R. Vasthrad, an expert from Bellary said, usage of ghee will enhance intelligence. Ayurvedic expert from Bangalore K.S. Jayashree in her speech elaborated the importance of milk, ghee, butter and curd in our daily food.

Inaugurating the historical world cow convention Shri H.D. Kumaraswamy, Chief Minister of Karnataka, said, gomala played very important role in the field of agriculture in rural areas and our predecessors protected this very well. But, now due to urbanisation these graziers are diminishing and cows are suffering from lack of fodder, he lamented. While lauding the Ramachandrapura Math for organising the convention he said, Swami Raghaveshwar Bharathi is different from other seers and has become a role model for others. He is the spirit behind so many welfare programmes initiated by the coalition government in the state, the CM added. Dairying is not only the part of the rural life, even urban people are also very much dependent on it, he said. We should all understand the importance of cow, which has a capacity of nourishing the whole family throughout the year, he added. The government has planned to start well-established veterinary hospitals in every hobli centres at an estimated cost of Rs 28 crore and in some hoblis they were already started, Shri Kumaraswamy informed. He asked the Swamiji to extend the cow protection convention to other places in the state. Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri B.S. Yediyurappa said, the government is committed to protect the cow breed in the state and earmarked special funds in the budget for the same. The government would provide land on contract basis or financial assistance to an organisation or a person who comes forward to protect cows, under this scheme, he added.

In India, cow is worshipped as God. It is respected as mother. But, it is a pity that organising a conference for cow like this has been necessitated in our country to create awareness about cows among public, RSS Akhil Bharatiya Bauddhik Pramukh, Shri Dattatreya Hosabale said. Delivering a message on protection of cow, he said, every day at least 9-10 thousand cows are being trafficked to Bangladesh through the border. We can imagine what will happen in the future if the trend continues, he warned.

Foreigners' participation
Foreigners in large number from the countries like Kenya, Uganda, Brazil, Hungari, America, etc., actively took part in the conference, which gave a special meaning for world conference on Indian breed cattle. They showed special interests in all parts of conference. Representatives from all walks of life across the country reflected the scene of a mini world at the math premises. Cowherds from the states like Gujarat, Delhi, Mahara-shtra and northern parts of Karnataka attended the conference in large number.

Rain's blessing
Ramachan-drapura Math did not receive rain even though rain lashed many parts of the state for few days. But, for the first time shower came as a blessing on the inaugural day of the conference. Conference's main podium was full of cow's arts. Artists decorated the podium with different gestures of cow's arts.

Peculiar inauguration
Inauguration had its own peculiarity while programme was inaugurated with a scene of samudra manthana (churning of sea). It was based on a story depicted in the Hindu epic Bhagavatha. According to it, Kamadhenu comes out of the sea when churning of sea took place between devatas (deities) and rakshasas (demons). Inaugural function was a combination of lights and darks and was an attractive point for spectators.

Swamiji vowed to sacrifice his life for cow protection
Swami Raghaveshwar Bharathi of Ramachandrapura Math vowed to sacrifice his life for the protection of cow if the situation demanded. Speaking at the convention on April 28 he said, some sections of the society are engaged in sucking the blood of the cow and cut its body into pieces. We cannot sit as a mute spectator while observing all these cruel acts on cow in the society, he said. Cow consists of 33,000 deities in her body and deserves to be worshipped. It is like a mother for all of us, he said. Cow chooses to keep silence while experiencing all these cruel activities in her life just because to create awareness among masses. Don't think it is her weakness, he warned. Cows need not go to goshalas, instead they should be reared by farmers. Goshalas must be converted into investigation centres, he added.

Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee general secretary Lakshmanan Yadav donated Ongole breed cow costing Rs 1.25 lakh to Swamiji on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion Minister for Health R. Ashok stressed the importance of medicinal values of cow discards like urine and dung in the field of health.

Minister Shivananda Naik, RSS Sahsarkaryavah Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi, Jharkhand Congress leader and All India Yadav Maha Sangh president Manoj Kumar also spoke at the conference. Life Mission official R.S. Chudasama, Orissa MP Prasanna Prasanni and others were present at the conference.

National Cow Wealth Development Authority for cow welfare
National Cow Wealth Development Authority for the welfare of cows and cowherds would be constituted in the country. A decision in this regard was taken in a panel discussion in which more than 20 scientists and experts participated.

Cow slaughter continuing
Cow slaughter is continuing uninterruptedly even in Gujarat where the state government has banned it by enacting a law, VHP international president Shri Ashok Singhal lamented. Delivering cow protection message at the 'Rushiraja' convention he said cow slaughter could not be stopped only by enacting a law. Cow meat is being transported illegally to Bangladesh through the border. Even from Karnataka, cow meat is being transported to Kerala illegally, he said and urged the governments to implement a strict law to stop cow slaughter in their states.

Enact law to ban cow slaughter: Chouhan
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Shivaraj Singh Chouhan called upon the governments to enact a law to ban cow slaughter in their respective states. Addressing the valedictory function at Rushiraja convention he said, cow slaughter has already been banned in MP. Besides, cow slaughterer gets 10 years' imprisonment. Cow protection board has been constructed in every district, he informed and added, forget to introduce sexual education in syllabus, instead introduce Yoga teaching. Don't follow vote bank politics, instead concentrate on the welfare of states, he suggested. We will not discriminate against people based on religion. In MP Hindus get subsidy to take tour for Manasa Yatra on the lines of Muslims who get subsidy for Haj Yatra, he added.

Math will be a place of pilgrimage: Dy CM
Deputy Chief Minister Shri B.S. Yediyurappa assured to provide all assistance for converting Ramachandrapur Math into a pilgrimage place. Addressing the valedictory function at Rushiraja convention, he promised to convert cow protection places into pilgrimage spots. He also promised to sanction Rs 10 lakh for the construction of Pushkarini there and also assured to give assistance to provide basic amenities including construction of guest house there. Power is not permanent. Sanctioning funds for maths whenever we got an opportunity to serve the people need not be taken as mistakes, he said and called upon the public to rear cattle in every house of the state. Government is ready to provide all types of help, but, it should be utilised with honesty, he said. MLA Haratalu Halappa also spoke at the confernece.

The world conference on Indian breed cattle ended with Kamadhenu car festival. The nine-day-long convention was a huge success, in which lakhs of devotees across the world gathered. The conference got overwhelming response from all walks of life, religion and country and exposed the strength for cow protection. Perhaps this was the first time in the world history that such a world conference for cattle breed was organised.

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