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Coward PMC stops action against Subhan Shah Durgah

Coward PMC stops action against Subhan Shah Durgah

Publication: Hindu Jagruti
Date: May 15, 2007
URL: http://www.hindujagruti.org/news/article/muslims/general/coward-pmc-stops-action-against-subhan-shah-durgah.html

On the pretext of affecting law and order situation, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) stopped the action to remove Subhan Shah durgah which is right in the middle of the road in Ravivar Peth area. A notice was issued by the district collector for vacating the durgah so that road-widening work could be undertaken. The news created furor in the city and about 100 Muslims gathered near the durgah on the previous night. Later PMC decided to stop the action.

As per the Municipal development plan, it is proposed to construct a 60 feet road there. The Commissioner of PMC said that since the year 1975, drive to acquire land is going on. Although alternate place was offered for durgah, the offer was rejected by the trustees. PMC, however, acquired the said land on paper. The trustees filed a case in High Court and then to Supreme Court; but in both the Courts, the verdict was given in favour of PMC. The trustees offered to shift nearby houses and shops instead of the durgah. When the officials of Encroachment Department went there to take action, big crowd gathered there and to keep law and order situation under control, PMC decided to stop action against the durgah. PMC has declared that further course of action would be decided after due consultations.

The trustees of the durgah have now made a demand to the Chief Minister to declare the construction as national heritage.

Editor Note

When the Supreme Court has passed the verdict, what is there to discuss. Who is ruling Pune, the Indian Government or Muslims? Unlawful Muslims are trying to pressurize Administration. Why should Hindus pay tax to such pro-Muslim Administration? Such 'administration' is not fit to be called as administration. Hindus, beware! This incidence is a step towards 'Islamization' of India. Hindus should learn from Muslims about how to make use of laws for the benefit of their religion. Once any construction is declared as national heritage, the same can not be demolished.

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