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Muslim cleric demands Taslima be driven out

Muslim cleric demands Taslima be driven out

Author: PTI
Publication: The Hindu
Date: September 6, 2007
URL: http://www.hindu.com/thehindu/holnus/004200709061968.htm

A Muslim cleric today demanded, in the presence of Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee, that controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen should not be given shelter in West Bengal and be driven out.

"If Taslima Nasreen is allowed to stay in West Bengal, Muslims, who voted for the Left Front government for the last 30 years, should unite and throw her out of the state for her anti-Islamic stand and blasphemous writings against the Prophet," said Pirzada Twaha Siddique, chief of the Phurphura Darbara Sharif.

The cleric's statement was greeted by the crowd attending a madrasa student felicitations programme with shouts for the ouster of Taslima.

He said that the Bangladesh government had already pushed Taslima out and she had not found shelter in any European country.

The cleric sought to know the TC chief's view on the issue, saying "we have gathered the views of Congress and the CPI(M)."

Banerjee said that her party leader Javed Ahmed Khan would give an opinion.

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