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Brave girl trio stand up to teasers

Brave girl trio stand up to teasers

Author: Imran Ahmed Siddiqui
Publication: The Telegraph
Date: October 06, 2007
URL: http://www.telegraphindia.com/1071006/asp/calcutta/story_8401732.asp

Tormentors at fast-food stall dragged by the collar to traffic sergeant

In a city where thousands of women suffer harassment on the road in silence, three girls stood up to their tormentors on Thursday and ensured that they paid for their misdeeds.

Meet Priyadarshini Hakim, Semonti Nath and Debanjana Saha of St Xavier's College, who dragged three road Romeos by the collar to a traffic sergeant at Rashbehari crossing around 7.30pm. The young men had passed lewd remarks at the students and thrown eggs at them, while the other pedestrians stood mute witnesses.

Here's the incident in the words of the bravehearts:

Priyadarshini Hakim, 21, third-year mass communication student, only daughter of Trinamul Congress councillor Firhad Hakim, resident of Chetla

We got off a bus and were walking towards the autorickshaw stand. The three men were standing near a roadside fast-food outlet. They started passing lewd remarks at us. We ignored them initially.

This emboldened the trio. One of them taunted us, saying" "Egg roll khabi?" We still continued walking.

Suddenly one of them tossed two eggs, which hit me on the back.

We were scared but decided enough was enough. We walked up to the outlet. Two of the youths fled. We caught hold of the third and asked him to call back his friends.

Semonti Nath, 21, third-year mass communication student, resident of Shyambazar

I had planned to take the Metro from Kalighat station to reach home and was quite scared when the trio started harassing us. But we were determined to teach them a lesson.

We dragged the three of them by the collar down the road. A traffic sergeant rushed to us and we handed over the men to him. We then took a taxi to Kalighat police station and lodged a formal complaint.

I have never faced harassment like this before. It's almost like assault. Eve-teasing is very common on autos, buses and even on the Metro. The worst part is that we live with it.

Debanjana Saha, 22, third-year mass communication student, resident of Maniktala

I was the first to see one of the youths taking aim with an egg, which hit Priyadarshini. It was so embarrassing. There were many pedestrians but nobody protested. All the three were drunk and were making obscene gestures at us. We decided not to suffer them any more.

I think girls should protest against eveteasing. It only encourages the hooligans if women try to ignore them.

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