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Kalyan women queue to board a train

Kalyan women queue to board a train

Author: Somita Pal (somita.pal@mid-day.com) and Aditi Raja (aditi.raja@mid-day.com)
Publication: Mid Day
Date: October 5, 2007
URL: http://www.mid-day.com/news/city/2007/october/165048.htm

Pratibha Kochrekar and Vandana Ahuja could teach us a lesson or two in being civil. Tired of getting hurt, while trying to get into the packed first class ladies compartment at Kalyan station every day, these two women came up with an alternative - queuing up to get into the train.

But it's not the idea, as much as their powers of persuasion that need to be applauded.

"When we first discussed the queue system with commuters on the 9.23 CST local, a month back, we never thought it would be a success. Every morning getting into the train from Kalyan was a nightmare.

But it's hard to get one-time commuters, especially college kids to follow the pattern," says Kochrekar (56), who commutes daily to Vikhroli.

The trigger

A month ago, 50-year-old Leena Dak injured her rib, while getting into a train. "That was what set us thinking. The queue is good for everyone, especially old and pregnant women. Also it's fair on those who have been waiting for a long time," she says.

Adds Ahuja, who travels to Kanjur Marg every day, "We had once seen women boarding by forming a queue during peak hours at Dadar. Though the idea struck us then, we implemented it only when the injuries got out of hand."

'Not a good idea'

Jyotsana Nair, travelling to CST, is not happy. "There is not enough place on the platform to queue up.

Also, it is unfair that someone who has to travel to a longer distance doesn't get an equal chance to grab a seat. It is not possible for everyone to come early to catch a train."

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