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India threatened by 'failed States': NSA

India threatened by 'failed States': NSA

Author: Rakesh K. Singh
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: October 27, 2007

Most countries in neighbourhood face internal disturbances

Intelligence inputs available with the Government indicate the possibility of imminent jihadi attacks on country's "economic and iconic targets".

Ringing the alarms bells, National Security Advisor MK Narayanan told a recent meeting of the country's top police officials that "attacks on Indian targets are more likely in the coming days, with Al Qaeda portraying India as a key player in the US-Zionist Conspiracy".

Al Qaeda's affiliates Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Bangladesh-based Harkat-ul-Jihad-i-Islami were major concerns for the country's security, the Intelligence Bureau dossier on the recent DGPs/ IGPs conference said quoting Narayanan. He added that the regional affiliates of Al Qaeda provided it the capability to operate globally.

"Interlocking web of linkages and cooperation between disparate militant groups across the region posed a still greater threat," he said and added that "adequate response" was required to tackle the challenge.

"Militant operations were routed through multiple countries, third country bases used for coordination, multiple recruitment nodes getting dispersed and transit routes multiplying were all matters of utmost importance," the NSA added.

He termed the violence in Northeast and Jammu and Kashmir as endemic and provided insight into the prevailing situation in Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Expressing concern about the security situation in India's neighbouring countries, the NSA told the country's top police brass that "almost all countries faced varying levels of internal disturbances, giving rise to the possibility of their turning into 'failed States'. This is bound to have an impact on India's internal security."

He further said that "the interplay of conflicting interests in Central and West Asia as well as China's military modernisation programme, including missile upgradation have added to the global concerns."

He cited the prevailing political situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in particular, "facing internal turmoil" and said the same "remained an abiding concern for India".

"Pakistan was witnessing a direct opposition to the Army's authority resulting in internal turbulence, particularly in Baluchistan, Waziristan and FATA. However, ISI's role in sustaining terrorist infrastructure was undiminished and its sponsorship of jihadi activities remained a worrisome aspect if it continued unabated," the NSA said.

While speaking at the recent DGPs/ IGPs conference, he expressed "specific concern" about jihadi terrorism in the backdrop of its linkages with Al Qaeda.

On terror's radar

· Possible targets >> India's major economic and iconic establishments

· Major outfits suspected of planning sabotage activities >> Lashkar-e Tayyeba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Bangladesh-based Harkat ul-Jihad-i-Islami
are the outfits endangering the country

· Narayanan cites example >> Violence in Northeast and Jammu and Kashmir as endemic and provides insight into the prevailing situation in Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

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