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SSCP vs Rama Sethu: The game of sinister pawn brokers - (Part III of IV)

SSCP vs Rama Sethu: The game of sinister pawn brokers - (Part III of IV)

Publication: News Today
Date: October 19, 2007
URL: http://www.newstodaynet.com/col.php?section=20&id=879&catid=33

COMMITTEE OF EMINENT PERSONS: A Body that keeps useless minutes and wastes hours for some weeks to justify an expenditure exceeding Rs.2600 crores."

-Thirumbi Thirumbi Thillumullur Mosadi Sami

They also serve who stand and wait and suck. They also serve who swindle. They also serve who sabotage. They also serve who swear on pseudo-secular non-oath. Against this known background, I fully endorse the reasoned findings of Dr Kalyanaraman on the credibility of the Sham Committee of Eminent Persons appointed by the Government of India following their undertaking given in the Supreme Court on the Rama Sethu issue on 14 September, 2007. Let us hear Dr Kalyanaraman:

"The Committee Report can be expected to be a 'command performance'. How credible can such a Committee be? What confidence can people have in such a Committee with such conflicts of interest and vested interests? Scrap the Committee. Let Supreme Court intervene and bring a semblance of order, fairness and justice."

In this context, I would like to declare to the Committee of Eminent Persons in the famous lines of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834), the great English Poet (suitably modified and readapted to the present context):

"Your Report must eternal be,-
Dear Sir, it cannot fail;
For it is both incomprehensible
And indefencible
And wants both Head and Tale"

In order to hoodwink the gullible public of India and the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, the Government of India have taken particular care not to include (in fact to exclude with scientific mathematical precision!) Geologists, Oceanographers, Marine Security Experts, Experts in the Law of the Sea, Earth Scientists, Mariners, Ship Owners, Naval Officers with detailed ground knowledge of the area, Marine Archeologists (like Dr S R Rao), Mineral Geologists and Tsunami Specialists.

As Captain Balakrishnan of the Indian Navy has said: "For a 'Shipping Project' like the SSCP, with National Security implications on account of its location, it is very surprising that there are no 'mariners', either from the mercantile marine or the Indian Navy/ Coast Guard. How then, does a 'mariner' explain his point of view to members who have had no hands of experience of command at sea or the harsh realities and dangers at sea? How does one explain the 'squat or suction effects' in a shallow channel?"

In this light, one is regrettably forced to conclude that the formation of this 'Expert Committee' is a charade, meant to 'go through the motions of justice and fairplay'. A sad commentary on the state of affairs today.

Carefully avoiding the appointment of scientists, the Government of India have taken particular care to appoint three known anti-Hindu, anti-Sanatana Dharma, anti-Sri Rama and anti-Bharat Mata 'historians' who have been used by the CPI (M) with vicious glee as their 'Hatchet Men'. It is a known fact of history that Stalin had his own Hatchet Men to punish the innocent and the gullible. Dr Paddayya, Prof Y Vaikuntham and Prof R S Sharma are the 'Professional Hangmen' of Hindus and Hinduism. Amongst these known enemies of Hindus and Hinduism, Prof R S Sharma takes the cake. His "Ancient India, A History Textbook for Class XI", NCERT [1990] was prescribed for lakhs of Indian students between 1990 - 2001. The Foreword of the text says - "The National Policy on Education - 1986 lays stress on many objectives and areas of knowledge which are closely related to the study of history. Promoting an understanding of India's cultural heritage, combating superstition and obscurantism, and promoting a humane and forward-looking outlook are among the major objectives of education which are also the basic objectives of teaching history." Reviewing this book under the caption: "Misrepresentation and Stereotyping of Hindu Dharma in History Textbooks in India" Sri Vishal Agarwal rightly wrote as follows: "Of course this begs the question - what is superstition, what is obscurantism, what is a forward-looking outlook? In the context of Sharma's textbook, it appears that only a Marxist mindset is progressive and forward-looking"! Dr Vishal Agarwal dismisses this text book as an arm of Marxist political propaganda in these words: "Prof R S Sharma is only equating religion and ritual with superstition, and atheism with progressive ideology, and similarly, relating Hindu spirituality with prevalence of social hierarchy and discrimination. The main flaw is an obsession with land-grants made to Brahmins and Hindu institutions, and equation of the same into a Feudalism model".

I fully agree with Dr Meenakshi Jain when she indicts the Marxists Historians like Prof R S Sharma, Dr Ifran Habib, Dr Romila Thapar in these words: "Marxists are unable to break away from imported categories of thought, howsoever ill they fit the Indian reality. They seem incapable of viewing India in terms of itself. For them, it must always move in tandem with Europe, the Arab world, even East and South-East Asia."

Arun Shourie in his famous book "Eminent Historians, Their Technology, Their Line, Their Fraud" refers to the work of Prof R S Sharma as a chosen and whole-time witness functioning on behalf of the CPI (M) to denigrate the Hindus, their religion and way of life. Arun Shourie has included Prof R S Sharma as Witness No 63 in this book. Arun Shourie sums up as follows: ' - - -. And these very 'Historians' are cited as witnesses in the pleadings filed by the Sunni Waqf Board in the courts which are considering the Ayodhya matter!" And this 'VERY EMINENT HISTORIAN' Prof R S SHARMA is part of the 'EMINENT PERSONS COMMITTEE' to adjudicate on the 'RAM SETHU' or 'SETHUSAMUDRAM SHIPPING CHANNEL PROJECT'!!

The National Seminar organized by Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Contemporary Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology and Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA) at School of Ocean Science and Technology, Cochin, highlighted the non-viability of Sethusamudram Shipping Channel Project, considering the ecological, geological and economic perspectives.

Inaugurating the Seminar, Dr E P Yesodharan, Executive Vice President of Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment said that the projected economic benefits of the Project like savings in distance and fuel costs by the proponents would not tally with the exact cost-benefit analysis performed. Further, detailed modelling studies are required to realize the impacts of excavating a channel in Rama Sethu on Kerala coast in view of the natural calamities frequenting the area. Prof. N R Menon said that it is not a regional issue and Sea should be considered as a National Resource as the proposed Channel seriously impairs the living wealth of the ocean.

Dr CSP Iyer in his key-note address explained that the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) carried out by National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur (NEERI) based on which clearance was given to the SSCP, has not taken into account recent studies on the sedimentation dynamics. The EIA has only looked at the sedimentation dynamics of a small area, but ignored the adjacent portions. Palk Bay is considered as an area with high sedimentation rate. On an average 14 cyclones were believed to hit the east coast, besides phenomenon like tsunami. This has not been taken into account in the EIA Report, while addressing the issues of dumping the dredged materials of the canal nor in the operation of the navigation through the canal.

Dr A Biju Kumar of Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries, University of Kerala stated that Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve is a geographical and physiological unique marine system in India. A busy continuous navigation in this region will offset and trigger devastating ecological imbalance, affecting the lives of millions of fishermen and many endangered organisms such as corals, sea horses, sea cow, etc. It is clear that the excavation, waste from ships and other effluents will considerably impact the biodiversity of the area, to the extent that it will impact not only the region but the entire Indian coast including Kerala. The project, in the long run, will trigger a series of biological catastrophes in Indian coast.

To quote the brilliant words of Thiruvanmiyur Thiruvikrama Chanakya "The public perception about bureaucracy in India is awful but true. That is, the people are very much aware that each and every post, from a Peon to a Secretary, from a Constable to a DGP, from a Non-teaching staff to a Vice Chancellor, is available with a "Price-Tag" and those who purchase their appointment by paying that price strive hard to take back that price at the earliest. So obviously, these bureaucrats, who come to the top through quotas, bribes and favoritism, at the cost of merit, efficiency and morality, are generally biased and serve their own self-interest and the interests of their appointers, rather than the larger public interest. Eventually, the public witnesses change with the shuffling of bureaucrats with every change of governments. With regards to Tamil Nadu, this practice has taken alarming proportions especially with the advent of Dravidian rulers. A state run by Atheist rulers has many times seen even the HR&CE Department led by atheist Ministers and run by atheist Commissioners. Against this backdrop, Committee set up by such atheistic leaders, cannot be expected to view a religiously important issue neutrally. So, the remedy for the welfare of the people lies in constituting a truly Eminent Committee comprising unbiased & neutral experts from various fields relevant to the concerned project or issue."

As the present Committee of Eminent Persons has already lost the confidence of people of India, it would be wiser on the part of the Congress Party (Which leads the UPA) and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to reconstitute the said Committee, instead of giving a free hand to the DMK and Shipping Minister T.R.Balu, who is already facing a storm of protests through out the Nation. Otherwise, the Government of India would be facing the embarrassment of getting snubbed by the Supreme Court once again.

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