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Anti-Mosque Agenda of Secular India

Anti-Mosque Agenda of Secular India

Author: Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal
Publication: Asian Tribune
Date: April 4, 2008
URL: http://www.asiantribune.com/?q=node/10364

Not many people doubt the tacit understanding between the so-called secular and democratic parties like the Congress party and the overtly anti-Muslim communal parties like the BJP. Anti-Muslim agenda seems to be common in both these streams, but Congress party quite effectively hide it from public view, especially from the Muslims. Historically, BJP emerged form Congress foundations in Delhi state. In fact right from the 1947, when then premier Nehru brought Hindus from Pakistan and got them settled down in Delhi and else where, the Congress and the earlier versions of BJP have operated on a secret understanding on issues concerning Muslims and Mosques.

The Congress government led by Nehru laid foundations for Hindu state by stated to be secular one by encouraging the Hindu communal forces brought from Pakistan and collected from different parts of India to settle down and control the Capital city New Delhi. The communal forces began fuelling anti-Islamic and anti-Mosque propaganda with hidden encouragement form government of India.

Like anti-Pakistanism and anti-Muslimism, anti-Anti-Mosque policy too has been central to the Indian politics since 1947, though not discernible from the surface. Both Congress and BJP depended on the vote bank of the RSS and its branches. Initially Congress overwhelmingly managed the vote-banks controlled by RSS and its allies, but later with the BJP emerging a strong force at national level following the emergency, RSS switched its major votes to it and also help it come to power, ably aided by an alliance called NDA consisting of several so-called secular parties.

Nexus of Congress-anti-Muslim forces

It is a known fact that several Congress members are close not only BJP and its ideology, but also to its parental communal organization, RSS. Recent revelations by BJP's tallest leader LK Advani has clearly exposed the hidden relationships of these two parties having a similar national agenda. Late Congress prime-minister P.V. Narasimha Rao held many views that were 'congruent to those of the BJP', its leader L.K. Advani has said in his autobiography. When he was prime minister from 1991 to 1996, Narasimha Rao received trenchant criticism from a section of the Congress and also the Left parties for not doing enough to prevent the demolition of the Babri mosque.

In fact, the ruling Congress party encouraged the destruction of the Babri Mosque. In the autobiography, Advani has heaped praise on Rao, during whose regime the Grand Babri Masjid was demolished in Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh triggering the worst communal rioting in five decades. 'Firstly I admired Rao's erudition. Advani said in the book that Rao had a great understanding of national and international affairs with rich political and administrative experience and in "my initial meetings with him, I found that his views on several critical policy issues to be congruent to those of the BJP.'" This forms crux of the issue of hidden bargain strategies of BJP and Congress and also other parties.

Although the Congress-BJP rivalry and tacit understanding saw the demolition of the Grand Mosque denying them pray there, no other politician demanded the government to hand over the Mosque to Muslims of India. It is known, as soon as India became free, it began its anti-Islamic operation in a systematic and sustained manner by getting the Mosque locked after throwing the persist who stayed there at time; it was followed later by unlocking the Mosque and allowing Hindus to place idols inside the mosque and still later, the entire Mosque complex was brought under the custody of Hindus by the government. Gradually the Indian media began a smear campaign against Babri Mosque and Muslims. The idea is to divert attention of people from Mosque and shift the focus to some other issues.

Grand Babri Mosque

Grand Babri Mosque, existed in Uttar Pradesh state in northern India, is not just an important cultural heritage, but a grand mosque for Muslims to offer daily prayers, was dismantled in the broad day light by the anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim extremist militant forces ably aided by the police and military establishment with jubilations from the terrorist gangs converged there from different parts of India.

A nasty process of digging the Mosque site and placing idols and other "proofs" began secretly, while the entire area was kept out of bound for Muslims. The State government and central one colluded to obtain what looked like non-issue about non-existing Mosque. Then media and Hindu leaders began talking about "structure" to refer to Grand Babri Mosque. They wanted to make it appear that a mosque was constructed by Muslims by demolishing an existing mosque on the site where Lord Ram was born. (Sri Lanka, where Ravan supposedly lived and took Sita captive, is far away from Ayodhya, beyond sea, forests, lands and mountains)

When their efforts to prove the existence of Ram or his temple in Ayodhya, the Neo-Indian leaders decided to destroy the Mosque to appease the Hindus, who had become hysterical by the hollow emotional flare-ups generated in a sustained manner by Hindutva and anti-Islamic forces in forms of aggressive campaign, media rhetoric and TV serials, that too with full government support. The Babri Mosque was destroyed by these terrorists encouraged as per its conspiracy. However, the then premier Narasinha Rao immediately pledged to the nation of rebuilding the Grand Babri Mosque at the very site where it existed. It was a political gimmick of the Congress party to keep the Muslim vote-bank intact. But neither has he nor his successors taken any sincere initiative to keep the government's word given to the nation and the world at large. And no one is bothered about the fate the Mosque, not even the Muslim League, a coalition partner at the central government now.

Made the premier of India upon the tragic murder of Rajiv Gandhi, the Congress party chose Rao in preference to other important leaders in the county and one of the factors that supported his candidature was his own tragic views on Babri Mosque. And soon after he assumed office, the anti-Mosque campaign by anti-Islamic militants got aggravated demanding the immediate "fall" of Babri Mosque. Before the actual dismantling of the Grand Mosque, Rao had obtained signatures of as many chief-ministers, as he could manage, to persuade to pull down the historic Babri Mosque, which the media, in order to make it appear to be nothing, began calling a mere "structure".

Congress Double Speak

Rightist parties led by the communal national BJP began even threatening the Muslims with the destruction of several other important historical mosques in the country and have occupied some of them nation wide, the Centrist forces led by Cong and Janata Dal , etc, have so maintained a composite silence over the reconstruction of the Mosque.

Congress party fools the nation with its double standards. It gives a clear signal to Hindus that the Mosque would not be rebuilt. Congress party uses the Hindu communal parties and wings to keep the anti-Muslim rhetoric alive so that Muslims don't demand the reconstruction of the Mosque. To Muslims it pretends about backlash in polls if Mosque is rebuilt. The Congress party knows it is stupid to argue like that, because by constructing the Grand Mosque, Congress party can claim I credibility in the nation's eye for keeping its pledge. On the contrary, the party would regain the Muslim vote-bank that has been split among various so-called pro-Muslim or sympathetic parties (but they also need the votes of Muslims). So, the harsh truth is the destruction of Babri Mosque was the Hindu idea engineered by Congress party by cunningly using the anti-Islamic terrorist gangs operating in the country. Hence the Congress party does not want to take any initiative that would tarnish the image of Hindus. But they don't bother if their deadly actions hurt and harm the genuine Muslims and their interests.

The leftists, who have 59 seats in Parliament and sustain the present Manmohan government, just avoid debate on the Babri demolition all together, as if that does not concern them in the states they now rule. The lukewarm attitude of Communists to the issue stems from the fact that their "catchment areas" like West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura are not affected by the rebuilding of Mosque issue. More over, with the latest arrest of Altaf Kashmiri in communist ruled Kerala on false charges and his torture in prison for over a month before he was released vindicate the perception about their Muslim policy as well. Communist Muslims are committed exclusively to the party and don't bother much about the fate of Babri Mosque, although they do depend on Muslim votes as much as other parties.

It is nothing but a matter of shame that all parties in India have come to some tacit understanding on Babri Mosque and they are not sincere in getting the Mosque re-built.

Indian Muslims

Muslims in the country believe that Indian claim of democracy and secularism is real. Most of Muslims here have political affiliations and they are controlled by these outfits. Indian nation has been patiently expecting the Congress and the successive governments to make efforts to address the rebuilding issue and begin the construction work. Neither the Congress or Janata Dal-led pro-Muslim regimes, nor the BJP-led "pseudo-secular" regime, followed again by the present Congress-led "secular" regime has shown any interest in speedy resolution of the matter and start the construction work. Because they all have a common agenda: anti-Islamism. However, the Muslims in these parties refuse to support, at least overtly, the cause of Babri Mosque's retrieval.

Muslims in India, reduced as mere vote-bank stuff by the national and regional parties, have developed inferiority complex of being Muslims and also anti-Islamic and pro-Hindu syndromes. This is the result of the long term strategy of Indian leaders to mold the Muslims to hate Islam and live Hindu masters. Political socialization has badly affected their thinking capacity and created psycho fears among the bulk of them. They fight for the political outfits they support, worry too much for Indian cricket, but have been coerced into raising their united voice for Babri Mosque's reconstruction. That is the Indian Muslim. By denying their legitimate rights in many respects, India has kept Muslims under their full control. Hindus do say that if they want no Muslim would be in India and they have a point. UNSC veto power they seek to do that forcefully.

One feels ashamed of the fact the Muslims who "serve the political parties in India, both national and regional, try to justify the action of congress party in letting the Grand Babri Mosque be destroyed by anti-Islamic forces in 1992 December 06 as well the refusal by the Congress-led government now to announce the rebuilding of the Mosque. One doubts the sincerity of these Muslims in praying in Mosques, let alone their integrity as believers and humans. One fact is revealed: these Muslims are brainwashed in India and are under coercion and psychological restrictions not to support the cause of Muslim uplift. This explains why the governments are insincere about proving genuinely equal justice and social security.

It is pathetic that Muslims in India do not have a genuine leadership to defend the legitimate interests of Indian Muslims. The parties like Muslim League and Majlis (MIM) of Hyderabad Having pretensions of being pro-Islamic have used the Muslims as vote bank to make compromises with the rulers to secure "special favors and offers" have consistently betrayed the Muslims. One does not know if these parties had compromised on Babri Mosque in return for favors that include cash, jobs for their members, special quotas, special licenses, free Hajj trips, other free foreign trips in commissions and committees, etc. Even a berth in the central cabinet ministry in foreign ministry would have been a part of the "package". If so, those who offered the favors and those who got them should be tried in special courts. After conducting regular demonstrations in the country the Muslim League outfits have stopped even raising the issue: does that not mean that they have "compromised' with the pleasures of power-sharing.

An Observation

Not very Hindu is anti-Muslim in the country, though most of them hate Islam, but the Congress, BJP and ever the pro-Islamic parties like Muslim League and Hyderabad based MIM that are appendages of Congress party, want to keep the wedge in tack for political and Mosque reasons.

Advani's disclosure only points to the secret understanding among the political leaders cutting across the political spectrum, to suppress the Muslims in the country and embarrass and insult them by denying them their right to be pound of the Islamic cultural heritages. Indian government even encourages bogus researchers to prove that world famous Taj Mahal was built by Hindus as a temple. Yet, this is the insanity that the majority political Muslims support. Many Muslims have been brainwashed by media and politicians that no Mosque was destroyed, but only a structure" was pulled down.

Indian militant Hindus encouraged by the State machinery have demolished the Grand Babri Mosque in broad day light because they thought in India they have every right to misbehave with Muslims and destroy their belongings, most importantly the Mosques, but Mosques belong to Islam which is a world religion. They are still hopeful, taking proper cues form governments, that Mosque would not be rebuilt there because Islam is a divided house every where and Muslims are badly fighting each other in India ably fueled by Indian politicians and others.

India continues to cunningly play with Mosque because the UN has become redundant , ICJ in The Hague irrelevant and US is busying killing Muslims globally and seeking Indian help also for that; And globally Muslim countries have no common agenda defending Islam and Muslims and Indian Muslims have been made deadly pro-Hindu.

And because the minorities themselves are disunited amongst themselves and, strangely enough, not even Christians support the Muslim causes, though they do take the help Muslims when they a have issues with government. Many Christian journalists, unfortunately, add fuel to problems of Muslim agony by painting them as undesirable elements only in order to appease the Hindus and make quick money for liquors and imported smokes. Governments both at the centre and provinces keep some of these minority people under their control to destroy any move to unite the Muslims on Mosque and bread issues. And, India could persuade the Arabs also not to support the Babri Mosque cause in India and the Arabs are not as sentimental to non-Arabs as they are to Arabs.

After conducting an illegal and immoral operation in Ayodhya by dismantling the Grand Babri Mosque, India state expects the judiciary to just approve of Indian ghastly action and support the Hindu cause, after all the judges are also Hindus and should, therefore, be equally anti-Muslim in their "secular' outlook, as the majority of political and bureaucratic classes in India do.

Now, India should try to an emergency exit by making announcement of returning the Mosque to Muslims after removing the idols and other "stuff" from the mosque site to enable the Muslims to reclaim the site in a democratic and secular manner. Media should be persuaded to tell the whole truth about the plight of Indian Muslims in the county and facts bout the "fall of a Mosque" and need to generate public opinion in favor of returning the Mosque to the Islamic believers. Government of India should not pretend to be afraid of BJP-led communal forces as well as courts and also make the judiciary a puppet.

All political parties must now shed the "composite" silence maintained religiously so far on Babri Mosque and speak up for the speedy reconstruction of the Mosque at eh very sit. That would in turn encourage the loyal Indian media also to begin speaking truth about the plight of Indian Muslims and the fate the dismantled Mosque and the pledge the government mad e before the world. Media cannot be misused to threaten and insult the hapless Muslims in the country who already subjected to constant abusive language and injury.

India should immediately begin construction of the Grand Babri Mosque and fulfill the pledge given to the nation; If Indian government feels shy or ashamed of doing it by itself on account of the fact that that amounts to admitting the illegal, ghastly demolition, it should hand over the mosque premises to Muslim of India. Let Muslims build it themselves by contribution from every single Muslim Re one per person.

- Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal, Research Scholar, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

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