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The High Court Observes The Reality Of Kannur

The High Court Observes The Reality Of Kannur

Date: March 11, 2008

"Blessed are those who are able to die a natural death in Thalassery."_ Justice V Ramkumar , Kerala High court

The Kerala High Court, on Tuesday, observed that the only solution to end the violence in Kannur district seemed to be a timely intervention by the Union government by deploying sufficient forces that "will not yield to the political or plutocratic clout by those in powers and out of power," quoting reports.

Justice V. Ramkumar expressed the hope that there would be a "gubernatorial move to apprise the Central Government of the urgent need for a permanent prophylactic action to curb further bloodshed and killings in Kannur District where manslaughter is a competing sport." The court made these observations while ordering an investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation into the murder of Muhammed Fasal, a National Development Front (NDF) worker in Thalassery. The petitioner, Mariyu, alleged that her husband was murdered by Communist Party of India (Marxist) activists because he had defected to the NDF from the party. The court said that there had not been "any intelligent investigation" in the case.

The court observed that "all-party peace missions are nothing but a hoax to hoodwink the fickle-minded public." The court observed that if reports were to be believed, Kannur district, particularly Thalassery, had, over the years, become "the hotbed of political violence and carnage of the worst order." "All political parties there seem to freely indulge in the cult of violence."he added , "Blessed are those who are able to die a natural death in Thalassery."

He observed that the "Kerala Police was pandering to the vicious instincts of the influential politicians by shielding from punishment those who are really guilty and projecting either innocent persons listed out from party offices or arranging party confidants who volunteer to go to the dock and eventually to the prison houses at the party's expense."

The high court justice went on "There were repeated instances of the people's representatives with diabolical designs barging into police stations to rescue their own party criminals from the police lock ups."

FROM THE JUDGMENT (Excerpts from the lamentation of Fasal's widow)

……It is pertinent to note that the gruesome murder in this case took place in the constituency of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan the present Home Minister. With a view to throw the investigating agency and the public off the scent the assailants had planted tridents (thrishuls) near the dead body so as to create an impression that members of the Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh ( "RSS" for short) were behind the murder of Fasal. Even though three CPM workers were taken into custody by

the then investigating officer, after the sniffer dog had run in to the house of a CPM worker, those three persons were released from custody at the intervention of the leaders of the

CPM as revealed by Exts. P1 and P2 news items in two popular dailies………………….. The petitioner reasonably understands that that the murderers of her late husband are none other than the members of the CPM and she will not get justice since the CPM is in power and the Minister who is hailing from that Constituency is controlling the portfolio of Home…. (P3, 4)

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